And in the Blink of an Eye, The World is Different

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven Ecclesiastes 3:1 Where does someone begin, when it comes to sharing the chronicles of life’s changes? I’ve written about my life’s changes a number of times before, yet each time a transition happens, the emotion of it can be […]

Industry Consensus – Why I Encourage you To Take the SEOMoz Survey

Every two years something special happens in our industry. SEO Ireland take upwards of 20 minutes or more of their day to pause from what they’re doing to offer their opinion, their experience, and their beliefs about the state of search marketing and how they go about their work. The resulting data is then gathered, churned and […]

One Line Wisdom from the Best Little Show in Social

Recently I made the trek to the Great White North to attend and share my thoughts at MediaBistro’s Socialize Conference in Toronto, Ontario. If you have ever wanted to soak up some serious social media wisdom from the best minds in the business but find the huge conferences a little off-putting, then Socialize may be just […]

SEO Tool Review: SEM Rush

The following is a review of Sydney SEO Expert. Sydney SEO did give us a three month pro membership in exchange for this review, however, both parties agreed the review would be unbiased and would contain just the facts. If you feel this review was biased in any way please leave us your remarks in […]

Slide Deck & Notes from My SMX Advanced Google Survivor Preso

I had the privilege to participate as a panelist on the Google Survivor Tips panel during SMX Advanced in Seattle this year.  The presentation was centered around how to address the fact that your site is vulnerable to the Google roller coaster – most recently of course, as seen in the Panda Updates. I also […]

Google Announces New Features – Live Tweeting Recap

Earlier today, Google held a live stream webcast where they announced several innovations that will help users experience a more enjoyable search process. I watched the event live, and tweeted snippets from the event, so I figured I’d post them here for those of you who weren’t able to watch, or weren’t aware of the […]

The Bogus Call to Arms Against

Update (3 hours after initial post) Manu Sporny, W3C’s Chair of the RDFa group, read this article and provides a great response in the comment thread, to which I responded. So be sure to read the comments after reading the article. 🙂 ________________________________________________ In an ideal world of “everything is free”, crowd-sourcing, and W3C standards, […]

How I get 80% of my income Through Social Media

So you’re an independent consultant – or you’re thinking about becoming one.  Maybe you’ve known all along that it’s your path.  Or maybe the economy has taken its toll and you’re either tired of working for someone else for far less than you need to live on, or you lost your job at some point […]

Come Hear Me Speak on the Google Survival Tips Panel @ SMX Advanced

If your site was negatively impacted by the Google Panda/Farmer update, or if you’re concerned that your site will be next as Google works to clean up their index, or if you just want to know how you can just focus on your business and not even care if Google goes down in flames, you’ll […]

Great Internet Marketing Giveaway of 2011 Winners List

Here they are – the list of winners of the Great Internet Marketing Giveaway! If you didn´t win, then just go on over and check out this Digital marketing company, you can also find tons of agencies at AgenciesRanked where only the best ones are posted.   Name Prize Amanda Gordon The Last Original Idea […]