Being quoted in an upcoming eBook on online marketing

As a person who not only helps my clients become more successful through online marketing initiatives, but who also takes my own advice, I try to allocate time ch week to participate in the online discussions and expert Q&A sections of a number of web sites. One of these is LinkedIn – a site that some people refer to as “The Facebook for business people”…

I really like the LinkedIn site, from it’s intuitive navigation, to the handful of services they provide for business networking online. So out of all the sites, user forums, discussion areas, and expert advise web sites I participate in, LinkedIn is the one I put the most energy into. Mostly in reading, and when appropriate, responding to questions submitted by other members, in a wide swath of topics, including internet marketing, search marketing, web development, and project management.


I don’t answer questions that I don’t believe I have something to offer value in a response to. This is in comparison to a number of “experts” who provide answers just for the sake of gaining expert status. They’re obvious to spot. Typically a very serious business question is posed. There will be any where from a few to a few dozen replies, most of which are chock full of insight, opinion, recommendations, and guidance.

Then you’ll see among them, an answer like “n/a” or “don’t know”…. Hello? If you don’t know, or the question is “not applicable”, then do you really think that you are contributing positively to the discussion, or to aiding the member who posed the question? So it’s plain to see, especially when the same “expert point seekers” answer question after question the same way…

As a result, I do what I can to give even more valuable responses to some questions.


In any case, one of the questions posed this past week was Which ISPs place no limits on how many emails you can send at once.

Now, the truth is, there can be many very good, and valid responses to this question. Whether it’s related to actually providing links to ISPs that provide no such limits, or the reason why they do, or even how to “work around the system” when an ISP does place those limits…

My answer was actually more of a response to a previous person’s answer than anything. They recommended setting up your own mail servers and doing it all in house.


So my answer spoke to why, in my opinion, that solution is probably not the wisest, most cost-efficient choice. Rather than going into the entire response here, if you happen to be interested in why it’s probably not wise to run your own mail server for mass mailing purposes, I invite you to read my blog post on the subject.


Anyhow, to make what has now become a long blog post just a little longer, when I got home the other night, I found a message in my in-box from Trevor Levine, the LinkedIn member who actually posted the question.

Trevor thanked me for my response, saying:

“I think your response was the most helpful… I am writing an ebook called “Explode Your Sales From Emails”. I wanted to see if I could reprint your post in my ebook, provided that I include your contact information.”


Well heck! Of course I sent a reply with my permission! Are you kidding? I’m flattered that Trevor, a Marketing professional, found my answer so helpful as to not only be the MOST helpful, but also worthy of inclusion in his upcoming eBook!  (Answer since removed from LinkedIn as it will now be part of an eBook)

It only makes sense that I would want to have my views, which I happen (oddly enough) to consider helpful to small business owners, shared in any way possible. The more people I might help, the more joy I receive. And surely it can’t hurt to have a reference about my business knowledge circulating out in the world – can it? After all, isn’t that part of PR? And doing it through an online path is therefore online marketing also.


Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve had a request of this nature. Just recently, I was invited to participate in a Skype phone interview that will be turned into a podcast and featured on a business consulting company’s web site, for their clients and site visitors – with the market being small business owners.

I’ve also been interviewed on the radio a few years back, and my perspective has been featured in news articles in the print media a couple times over the years as well.

Yet it’s always beyond a blessing when someone else finds what I have to offer to be credible enough for these opportunities…

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