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Speaking of LinkedIn, (see my last Online Marketing post), I was a guest expert for Nance Rosen on her Entrepreneur Hour Business radio show this past Friday. And yes, the topic was SEO.


It also comes on the heals of my having been interviewed a few weeks ago by Tracey Dowe, a business success coach in Great Britain, but that was recorded, and made available to her clients. It’s actually the first time I was interviewed during a live broadcast related to my line of work, though I had been a radio guest a few years back for a radio show related to how people of different personalities relate to each other in situations such as business.


So this wasn’t the first time around for me, yet I never go into these situations with arrogance. The fact is, no matter how fortunate I have been that so far I’ve never failed to get any of my clients web sites onto the first page of Google in the organic listings for several keywords, not even I can guarantee such results every time for every phrase. And just as importantly to me, exactly how much can any one person, expert or otherwise, communicate about our complex and challenging world of optimization when give a total of 20 minutes of air time?

Fortunately Nance is a seasoned radio host, (and author and motivational speaker and… and…) prepped me by asking me what the top eight questions were where the answers would sum up the demystification of search engine optimization.


Of course, I came up with more than a dozen questions the Nance might choose from, in addition to any she might have already had, and that was just scratching the surface. hahaha. Oh well – we focused on enough of them to not only fill that initial 20 minutes, but the segment of the show I was on actually went into an additional session. So with commercials, the entire piece ran just under 45 minutes.

My phone hasn’t been ringing off the hook since Friday, but then again, I didn’t provide my phone number – just links to my blog and my new showcase web site for affordable SEO and Online marketing services – www.HeyDudeWheresMySite.com (to help small business owners who couldn’t otherwise afford professional SEO but who deserve world class solutions nonetheless).


As is typical of my life, the Hey Dude site was literally two days before the show, just a vision in my mind. So I had to rip out a site in only a few hours. And since I’ve been coding in HTML since the beginning (1995), I had to rip it together from scratch. crudely as I do given I put in very little time with CSS. So the site itself has lots of old-school table structure.

And I only this week hired a talented graphic designer to create a logo for me.

But at least the very basic info on SEO and Online Marketing information is on the site and was ready for the radio show.


And even if I never get a single client from that opportunity, it’s one more chance I was given to share with business owners and managers my insight into what they need to be aware of related to our industry – which is enough so that they won’t get ripped off or hoodwinked. And they may just have a little more respect for how much work it takes.

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