Get indexed in Google in under one week

I’ve seen countless blog posts, discussion forum threads and SEO “expert” articles where the author claims that it takes weeks or months to get a site indexed at the search engines. Well I beg to differ.

My brand new site, “Hey Dude Where’s My Site“, went online this past Thursday. I didn’t submit it to Google until tonight, when I posted a sitemap.xml file for it using the Google Webmaster tools. Within a half hour, not only were the first couple pages showing up for, but it’s already coming up on the first page of Google for my geo-location based terms.

  • affordable SEO services San Francisco # 5 (my blog comes up #4)
  • SEO services Marin #5 (my blog is at #6)
  • affordable SEO services Marin #1 (my blog is #2)


Getting Indexed at Google in under week is NOT a big deal.

First, anyone who writes even this simplest of clean web sites with content valid to the SEO work, and who submits their sitemap.xml file through the Google Webmaster Tools program, can have their new web site indexed just as fast, as long as the site does not violate Google’s acceptable site policies as deemed such through the Google system.

I’ve had this same rapid result with every brand new site I have been the manager for over the past couple years.

And as for the position I have – these may or may not remain in their positions.  And because of the narrow focus (Marin and San Francisco based phrases), there’s almost no competition beyond a few thousand pages).

The only sites I link from are my blog and my LinkedIn page so far. I don’t yet have half the pages online that the site will eventually have. So it’s really just a work in progress and I haven’t put in a tiny fraction of the optimization work I will have when I’m done. (Heck, not that Google cares, but I don’t even have my brand new logo on the site yet!)

So it’s just a site in its’ infancy. With just two back-links.

Yet nevertheless it IS in the Google index, and it is already showing up in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

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