Google AdWords Ad group phrase to landing page matching

Ad group phrase to landing page matching

As a consultant who manages a team with client PPC budgets ranging in value upwards of $300,000 a year in PPC spend, I and my team have been assigned a Google Account PPC Management Team. We work closely with them through all phases of some of our larger client pay per click campaign initiatives.  For most clients, the average cost per click ranges from $2 up to about $6.  For others in more competitive fields, that cost can climb to $20, $50 or even as much as $90 for a single click.  So one of our primary responsibilities is to do all we can to manage the AdWords account in a way that ensures the highest position possible with the lowest cost per click.

One of the things they taught us was the importance of setting up individual ad groups with specific keyword phrases, where each ad in a particular group links directly to a web site’s landing page that is optimized for those specific phrases.

The importance of ad to landing page matching can’t be overstated.

Because Google wants to present the absolute best matches to a person doing a search organically, they naturally focus much of their algorithm on evaluating how high the quality of a given page is to a specific search phrase. The more closely that page matches the search from this regard, the higher it will appear in the organic results.

The Google Quality Score

The more closely an ad group matches a specific page’s phrases, and the higher the quality of that page organically, the higher your overall quality score, and in turn, the higher your ad will appear in the PPC (sponsored) listings and here’s the inside scoop – the LOWER your cost will be for each click.

That’s right – the actual cost of an individual click is NOT determined solely on how many others are bidding or what they’re paying!

If you have two companies bidding on the exact same phrases and using the exact same wording in their PPC ad, the one that has a better match to the landing page that ad links to, the lower the cost per click.

And the better optimized that landing page is for organic purposes, the lower still the cost per click.

These are aspects of the quality score of an ad group that many “SEM” and “PPC” experts aren’t even aware of or discount in terms of importance.

Smaller Ad Groups For Better keyword Matching

So one of the most important aspects of our PPC internet marketing services is to first group those vital keyword phrases together into sub-sets as related to the client offerings. One ad group might only have  three to five phrases set for broad match, and then those same phrases set for “exact” match and phrase match. This ensures we can closely tie an ad group to a specific page since we try to never maximize the organic optimization on any single page for more than three to five phrases.

Only when you take this approach are you going to provide the best PPC management for a sites needs, because it’s inexcusable to rationalize or justify or make excuses as to why the AdWords account budget is being expended at a higher than possible per-click charge.

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