My Search Engine Journal Debut


I’m extremely pleased to announce that I was recently invited by Ann Smarty, Director of Media at Search Engine Journal to become a guest blogger at what I consider the premier SEO blog online.  And today my first article was published there.  It’s entitled “8 Key Points to Multiple Niche Sites and Controlling Back Links”. And in just a few hours since publishing, it’s gone hot at Sphinn…

hotatsphinnBefitting a title that long, the article itself is a detailed guide for anyone considering whether they should split out at least some of their content onto multiple sites or not…

This is a big deal for me.  While I’ve been an industry professional for fourteen years, I’ve only recently been participating in my peer community, so I haven’t until now, had the recognition from within my industry that some of my peers have. Instead, I’ve been more focused on the day to day business of managing the search optimization of client web sites.  That Ann felt so highly of my industry knowledge, perspective and writing style is truly an honor I am proud of.  Search Engine Journal is one of the most read SEO blogs on the Internet, and one of the top ten marketing blogs in the AdAge Power 150.

While not all my articles will be as lengthy as this first one, I will always take this opportunity seriously and look forward to interacting with SEJ’s tens of thousands of loyal readers.

And without further fanfare, I invite you to read my article on tapping the power of multiple web sites for SEO.

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