Ten Thousand Tweets – Worth The Effort?

It’s been said that it takes 10,000 hours of applied focus for someone to truly be considered an expert on a given topic.  Now, I’ve not spent 10,000 hours tweeting, though today I reached the epic 10,000th tweet.  And while I don’t necessarily think I’m an expert at Twitter, either as a social media marketing method or as the answer to all of life’s mysteries, I do know that my life has become much richer for it, in many ways.  So I figured it would be appropriate to list just a handful of those ways…


Deepening Connections Beyond Blog Comments

Without a doubt, Twitter is the single most useful, and efficient way I’ve come to find that helps me to connect with the SEO industry.  Sure, I’ve been leaving comments on other people’s blogs for quite a while now.  Until I made connections on Twitter, my comments were, for the most part, lost in a sea of otherwise anonymous comments.

Once I started actually engaging people through Twitter, I began to show people more of who I am as a human being.  And that’s allowed us to communicate directly and as an adjunct to blog comments.  It extends the conversation, sometimes deepening the connection even.

Twitter - Lisa Barone- @AlanBleiweiss Screw you f ..._1261530196979


Expanding Knowledge

Now that I’ve come to learn the value of actually tying myself into the search community, I’ve got a direct line on many more blogs and resources than I could have on my own.  And when others go to industry related events, I get access to some of the knowledge and insights they gain by following them on Twitter.

Twitter - Adam Kmiec- What I Learned At the iMed ..._1261533551348


An even larger audience

Something that’s come as a result of my involvement in Twitter is that Ann Smarty began to take notice of me – she ended up reading a number of my blog articles (which I, of course, tweet links to), and this past summer, invited me to become a guest blogger at Search Engine Journal.  That was a huge leap for me.  To go from a handful of regular readers to an audience in the tens of thousands was amazing.  My first article was so well received that it went hot on Sphinn in a matter of hours thanks to the power of Twitter.


Since then, I’ve written a handful of other articles for SEJ, and without Twitter, I wouldn’t be able to reach the volume of people I do for spreading the word about them.


Because of that success, last month I was asked (and I accepted) to become one of SEJ’s regular columnists. Starting in January, My column will be appearing twice a month, and I’ll possibly throw a few more in between, if I can find the time.


New Client Opportunities

I’ve actually been able to get new business from people who follow me on Twitter.  I don’t know if it’s because they overlook my rants, or those actually help my cause.  Either way, to know that just by being me and using Twitter to engage, it’s helped to grow my business in a direct way.   And not one of my tweets has ever been a direct sales pitch.


Living Vicariously Through Others

Twitter has given me the ability to live vicariously through Vanessa Jamie Varon as she travels the world seeking romance.  It’s not that I don’t have Jamie’s courage.  She’s actually recently been living a life that I previously lived.  (Ask me about my European adventures some day).   So it’s great to have been one of those who actually encouraged her before she was 100% sure she was going for it.

Twitter - Jamie Varon- My future Italian boyfrien ..._1261529813075


140 Character Laugh-a-thon

Whenever I want a good laugh, no matter what else I’m doing in my day, all I have to do is keep an eye on my Twitter stream long enough, and eventually someone will come out with a Tweet that totally causes me to spew whatever non-alcoholic drink I’m drinking at the time.

Twitter - Brent D. Payne- On a scale of 1 to 10 how ..._1261530341438


New Friendships

I’ve built up a great sports connection with people like Matt Siltala, Arnie K, Matt Leonard and Tony Verre.  And I have to admit that talking smack is ideally suited for Twitter.

Twitter - Alan Bleiweiss- Oh. My. God. just over a ..._1261530831833

Twitter - Matt Siltala- @AlanBleiweiss i hope you ..._1261531054117


Support At Times of Pain

Given how much support I received the past month through mentions and DM’s, as I went through the upheaval of my dear friend Don’s hospitalization, subsequent coma-like experience and ultimate death, I can tell you also that the people I’ve connected with on Twitter have provided me with an invaluable ADDITION to my “IRL” friendships.




Twitter - Search - christawatson alanbleiweiss_1261531990234


Relationship Opportunities

Twitter - Lisa Barone- @AlanBleiweiss First you c ..._1261529857741

Well, that’s not exactly a great example of how to use Twitter to form HEALTHY relationships, I suppose.  But still, given how many people are on Twitter, there’s an endless list of candidates.  All you have to do is keep your eyes open and you’ll see them.

Twitter - Kimberly Keith- RT @AlohaArleen LADIES! Sh ..._1261530065723


Not Always Good

Sometimes, I can go too far, given how many Tweets I send.  What’s great about Twitter is that even people who find me worthy enough to not just outright block me, can, when needed, do so without too much difficulty.



In Conclusion

In conclusion, I just want to say thank you to all the people I’ve met on Twitter and who put up with my endless stream of rants.  And if you really want to blame someone, blaim Toni Carr – it was through her prompting that I signed up.

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  1. First time I’ve been mentioned alongside ‘common’ality… LOL

    Here’s to 10,000 more! :)

  2. hahaha Well Christa, in all honesty, I WAS going to write an article about how I’m going to start appending my name to “Alan – like lan but with an a”, except you’ve pretty much cornered the market on that tactic. Nevertheless, even though this is all about ME, I had to include you somehow! #SarcasmRocks

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  4. RicNunez says:

    Congratulations for the 10k tweets, you are officially a tweetaholic lol
    Nice post, I bet this took you a lot of time to do.

  5. Thanks Ric. Actually I started the article at 3:30 this afternoon. Originally I was going to just tweet some lame-ass tweet like “Thanks to all my followers” or some nonsense. Fortunately @christawatson inspired me into thinking beyond that tho…

  6. RicNunez says:

    Was a good idea, and like @christawatson said.
    Here’s to 10,000 more! :)

  7. Brent D Payne says:

    Glad my humor mixed with past Mormonism and obsession with women was able to make you spit out your O’Douls. :-)

  8. Brent,
    That tweet was just like the perfect storm of funny, so how could I have NOT favorited it, and ultimately shared it with the rest of the world?

    Besides – I thought the concept you put forth was brilliant – one that should be adapted by more guys.

  9. Arnie K says:

    Alan, good job. We check our analytics periodically (just like you are supposed to) and although the Twitter & FB traffic have very low conversion rates (compared to natural search) we have received some business nonetheless.

    What we have actually found is that social media works real well to promote content & webinars and there is no doubt we have obtained good business from those sources.

    But it’s not all about revenuw, it can be great fun too. Glad we met – and wish you a wonderful holiday season!

  10. Congrats on 10K Tweets, Alan, that’s quite an accomplishment. I completely agree with you on Twitter being the most important way for me to keep up with the industry and I LOVE your examples!

  11. Arnie,
    Thanks for the comment – but you can’t fool me – you just did this to try and make up for the fact that the Cards make the Niners look like 3rd graders on the grid-iron. That’s okay – I appreciate the holiday gesture.

  12. Sharon,

    Thanks! I had so many examples it was painful having to pick just a few. As a result, I’m now going to have to write another article for the New Year just to appease my codependent twitter family.

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  14. Alysson says:

    I couldn’t agree more, Alan. The pros column on using Twitter is miles longer than the cons column, for sure. I’ve managed to build rapport and relationships with kick ass people via Twitter that I’d never had the chance to meet any other way. Hooray for Twitter’s ability to bring like-minded people together! :)

    Getting to know you better is definitely a Twitter highlight for the year and I’m very much looking forward to hanging out with you in real life one of these days. Sarcasm and snark FTW! ;)

  15. Alysson says:

    By the way, I’m at 22,000+ tweets and counting…nipping at Lisa’s and Rae’s heels. ;) I challenge you to catch up to me!

  16. Matt Siltala says:

    SUUUUUURE, share the ONE meanest tweet that I have ever even tweeted in my life ….. I see how it is :-)

  17. Alysson

    I’m also looking forward to meeting you in person, hopefully sooner rather than later – I <3 your life perspective!

    22,000 tweets? how long you been doing this? I’ve been on Twitter 10 months – so 1,000 a month average (and there were two months where I was hardly on at all).

    Matt – you’re welcome. #Icarethatmuch

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