A Tribute To My Twitter Friends

I can’t even begin to count how many twits twats people I would need to blame sue have arrested give credit to for this past year from hell of torture of unbelievable bullshit pain fun. My last article, in memorializing grieving commemorating the 10,000 tweet tragedy travesty milestone, only directly acknowledged a few of the fools cretons victims friends I’ve come to deplore despise respect, because I didn’t want the article to become another diarhea of the keyboard bloviation book length post.

Fortunately By a stroke of magic Miraculously Unfortunately, a few a couple one or two a bazillion humorous innocent light-hearted humiliating tweets came in after the article posted, thanking me expressing gratitude castrating me for who made and who didn’t make the cut. So I decided had a desire to was forced at gunpoint to write a follow-on catastrophe train-wreck masterpiece article.

The painful reality incomprehensible challenge unclimbable mountain opportunity however, was that I ended up backing myself into a corner putting undue pressure on myself setting myself up for failure setting a very unrealistic insane foolish daunting deadline – the New Year holiday. Since I’m a procrastinator lazy bastard creative type, blog articles don’t just come whenever they’re scheduled. I can’t just pull them out my ass write every day write on a set timeframe. They only magically appear manifest when they’re damned well ready to the creative energy is meant to show up.

Thus was the case this week. As each day passed excrutiatingly slowly came and went flew by, I briefly pondered momentarily stopped to consider agonized ceaselessly about what to write and who the hell I would permanently label blaspheme include and who I could ignore diss lovingly leave out. By this morning, I was at a total loss for how to get the hell out of this mess extract myself from this childishness proceed. And so I decided to abandon it altogether put it off til another day just let go.

But my life isn’t a fucking cake-walk so simple like most. See, I have an angel of doom higher power regularly tormenting me watching over me. Which, in this nightmare case manifest through a tweet from a mortal enemy an acquaintance a friend who means the world to me, who asked when this article was going to appear.

Well, right away, the psychopathic quiet voice in me just screamed bloody murder whispered in my head “jump off a cliff and die – relax- lie through your teeth be honest. It’s the EndTimes no big deal.” So I came clean was honest with her. And let her know I hadn’t yet felt the crush of the deadline inspired to write. And that’s when the IRL horror movie miracle happened. Complete insanity Inspiration drowned my very existence came upon me, and I knew what I was going to bullshit about write.

Rather than write some lame-ass an expected top 10 list, to continue the same asshat typical trend that’s polluting infesting trending the blogosphere, I’d pull off a fucking miracle do something completely outside my comfort zone. Somehow, I’d spit up all over pay tribute to as many losers low lifes nerds people as selling my soul to the devil God would allow.

I refuse to believe accept that my uber-genius mind far superior intellect humble memory will, intentionally inevitably overlook the biggest douchebags someone. And for this, I am not really truly delighted saddened. Yet, I also understand (because I’m amazing) that it’s complete bullshit only realistic, given how few many tweets I’ve spat up tweeted, and how many people for reasons beyond my comprehension I’ve had the misfortune pleasure to ride rapid fire tweeting shotgun over converse with.

So if you are putting up with this crap reading this article, and notice that I didn’t kiss your particular ass failed to mention you, just know that I don’t care I apologize in advance. And if you happen to be blessed unlucky enough on the list, be forewarned it’s because in the couple hours since the magical brick of awakening inspiration struck, at least one memory of my going toe to toe doing battle interacting with you came to my awareness in that brief time. You may not recall when that was, (and frankly your memory isn’t important to me) and that is complete crap okay.

The totally inconsequential important thing is that you can be ashamed proud of the fact that you were that obnoxious are being recognized by someone who doesn’t count for shit is better than you appreciates your annoying presence on Twitter. Even those couple people on the list I blocked for life because you are beneath me no longer follow because we’re of different minds, who I mention here, are mentioned because you need someone to love you I respect you on your own path, and you completely annoyed the hell out of me helped me to consider other views.

And without further impossibly annoying brilliantly utilized strike-throughs ado, I present to you, my useless and stupidly long extensive tribute to myself you, the suckers angels from heaven my Twitter servants friends, in alphabetical order, lest the more immature some of you get all bent feel slighted due to another order I bailed out on because I’m chicken could have gone with.

Oh crap! Okay fine – this is really getting complicated split into sixteen five two groups, because I like to torture my readers have a LOT of writing to do, and honestly, two groups is the only way this makes sense to me. So sue me. Deal with it. So please forgive me.

Oh yeah – I’m not using people’s twitter profile names here except for a couple people who’s name I couldn’t find in researching this article. If you want to connect with any of these amazing people, just get off your lazy ass and look them up.

UPDATE 1/5/2010 – I’ve since added a link to every person mentioned, to say thanks for having helped make this article so hugely successful!


People I’ve interacted with consistently, or who have had enough of a significantly positive impact that you got on this list anyhow


A Few other people I need to pay homage to, because yes, I did, in fact, forget and overlook some in my writing stupor… Of course, even with this, I’m sure there’s still others. But hey, I’m human. No. Really.

Outspoken Media

No, I’m not including Outspoken Media because I’m an ass-kisser. I mean, sure, I’m an ass-kisser. But that’s not why I’m including this entry. It’s because out of all the… oh what the hell. Yeah, I think so highly of The Lisa, that I am, in fact, adding Outspoken Media here because I’m willing to kiss her particular ass. Not in the biblical sense. In the ZOMGYoungerSister sense. Which really isn’t gross. #Honest

If you want to stay updated on what it really means to be proactive in online reputation management, or if you need insights into how to participate in the online dialogue as a small business owner, Outspoken Media is you’re best bet. #JustSayin

Steph Woods

Steph is great – she’s an SEO of the highest integrity. She lives in the great white north. She’s got a cat. that ran away and was like so causing a panic. in me. And between her Twitter avatar and her blog bio photo I can never know what her hair color’s really gonna be if we ever meet in person. And did you get a load of that Twitter background with the antlers? That’s just hot.

Rebecca Kelley

Okay – so anyone who can run 18 miles, and not take three days off in between each 3 mile leg of that run, well, that’s pretty amazing. It shows dedication and focus, and serious prep. Which is what Rebecca brings to her work. I’m sure of that. Because 10e20 wouldn’t have near the success they have without her. And did I mention she runs really long distances? for fun?


Rudd and I don’t communicate on a regular basis – but he’s a great guy from what I’ve experienced – and he comes up with some of the most interesting facts possible when least expected.

Mark Shaw

Mark was one of the first people I followed on Twitter. His Twitter training / how-to / tips videos really made a huge difference for me. So for that, I’m truly thankful.

Michelle Tripp

Michelle was another one of the first people I followed on Twitter. And she was the first to comment on one of my blog articles after I started tweeting. And that was beyond awesome because it encouraged me to stay with it. I enjoy reading her take on Brand identity and strategy.


And on to the original list

Adam Kmiec

As far as I can recall, Adam and I first connected thanks to Guy Kawasaki. Adam tweeted way back then, that he admired my moxy for taking on someone like Guy Kawasaki in my early Twitter life. That simple, yet extremely kind gesture on Adam’s part, meant the world to me. Adam and I don’t agree on everything, and we occassionally talk about those differences. Yet he’s a truly upstanding guy, and I enjoy following his tweets, especially updates on Cora, Adam’s 2 & 1/2 year old daughter, a most adorable child.

Alison Gianotto

Alison is a unique combination of Internet marketing douchebag squasher, hilarious life observant, uber-geek, and refreshingly New York in her ways. In the brief time I’ve had the pleasure of following Alison on Twitter, she’s helped me to find my voice, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Alysson Fergison

Alysson and I share a deep bond thanks to that wonderful combination of sarcasm, gutter-mouthed expressiveness, and industry focus. I <3 how she’s not willing to take crap from anyone, yet her heart is way roomy enough for so many people. She’s also, like me, a champion of the children of the world. If you want a real friend, Alysson is someone to check out.

Andy Beal

Andy Beal and I haven’t connected much, yet I needed to make a recommendation to one of my clients on a 3rd party vendor a while back, and Andy came through with an outstanding referral that he passed along to me, no questions, no expectations. That meant a great deal to me because he came through for me in a heartbeat, even though he’s insanely busy much of the time (when he’s not parked on the beach in Hawaii that is) ๐Ÿ™‚ and at the time, he didn’t know me from adam. I also really enjoy following Andy for his never-ending reading tweets. Definitely someone who helps keep me in the know.

Ann Smarty

Wow. Ann changed my life. It happened when she invited me this summer to become a guest blogger at SearchEngineJournal.com. I mean, at that point, I was just plugging away inconsistently on my own blog, yet having had a passion for writing and wanting to reach a much larger audience without knowing how to go about it. I was so humbled by that. And even more humbled when she asked me in November if I’d consider becoming one of SEJ’s new regular columnists. That Ann respects and actually enjoys my blogging is beyond something I can even put words to. And she’s the best person to contact when it comes to SEO productivity tips and tutorials.

Annie Cushing

Annie and I are really just now starting to connect with any consistency.Yet in this short time, she’s brought me a lot of laughter, and a reminder that trouble lurks around every corner, and therefore I need to be cautious, especially when I go down that way for IMSB. Though I have a feeling that when I get there, the only thing I’ll find are open arms of friendship.

Arleen Boyd

Aloha Arleen! Wow. Arleen was like the first “Twitter rock star” I followed when I joined. She’s the epitome of class and compassion. I don’t honestly know how she is able to maintain a group of over 80,000 followers with the level of participation and true connection that she does. But I guess that’s why I admire her so. She really is someone I hope to aspire to being like some day. And wow – she just got married – and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

Arnie Kuenn

Arnie is one of my football buds. Before Twitter, I didn’t have any, actually. Not because I’m socially inept (HEY! I have IRL friends and we spend a lot of great time together,) Instead, it’s because before this year, I really wasn’t into football all that much. But this year, after countless years of being a rabid hockey fan, I felt like it was time to shake things up, and NFL was a natural. So it was a real treat when the season began, and Arnie and I got to talk smack.

Oddly enough, it turns out he’s also a great guy. And he’s pretty damned good at this SEO thing, running his own company, and as the founder (one of the founders) of AZIMA. And I can’t wait to meet him IRL.

Brad Colbow

Brad is one of those people I’m jealous of. Not for much, mind you. But for his ability to see humor in something, and magically turn that into cartoon drawing. We’re talking simple genius at work. While I see humor EVERYWHERE, and have a knack for expressing it in my own way, I’ve always admired how poeple like Brad can draw it out in just a few frames. For me, it would take ah hour long epic cartoon. So my hat’s off to Brad for his unique talents. May he prosper and flourish.

Brent D Payne

Brent and I haven’t had much one on one contact yet. But that’s okay. He already knows he’s an unending source of humor in my otherwise dull life. And even knowing that, he’s willing to show up for me this coming year – which should prove interesting – stay tuned for an upcoming article where I interview Brent and get the real low-down on how he gets all the babes in this industry fawning over him!

Casey B Yandle III

Casey is someone we’re blessed to have among us on Twitter. He himself has, as we many of us know, been through a lot this year. So I was extra-grateful when he reached out to me recently, regarding my own health. It meant a lot to me, so thank you Casey!

Christa Watson

She’s not an SEO or an SEM or an SMM (though she may be into S&M – that has yet to be revealed) so I don’t know how I found her – I think it was Alysson’s fault. See, Christa (like Christ, but with an A) is a most outstanding professional photographer. Yet even though her industry is dramatically different than mine, we nonetheless connected through Twitter. And it stuck, because in Christa, I found a true equal when it comes to one most important thing – sarcasm. Seriously – lots of people act like they can throw down, but Christa is, truly, a sarcasm afficianado. World class even. What’s really great bout Chista, is she and I are eloping. Even though I’m nearly her father’s age. Hey – I ain’t complaining if she’s got a thing for (much) older men. Oh – and she’s got a great “deck of cards”.

Christina Gayle Gleason

Christina is probably having conniptions trying to deal with this article. Especially the first part where I maligned the concept of strike-through. But that’s okay. It’s good exercise for someone who’s THAT smart and knowlegeable when it comes to grammar and spelling. Things I pretend I’m good at. I enjoy Christina’s educational tweets. Sometimes they’re regarding things I already knew, and other times, it’s like “DOH” yeah?

Dana Lookadoo

Dana Lookadoo is quick becoming one of my closest friends on earth. Her compassion, intelligence, and passion for living are shining examples of how we could all do better. Nuff said.

Darren Slatten

OMG I can’t tell you how utterly frustrating and at the same time, entertaining, it is for someone as analytical as I can be, yet who has as much “flexibility” of awareness, to even begin to interact with Darren online. His ability to stay firmly and comfortably in the world of analytic thinking, while having no apparent willinness or desire to consider a less logic-oriented is really well honed. Or at least it will be until one day, tragically, (yet delightfully) he runs into a psychological brick wall and has no choice but to accept that things he sees as impossible today might, actually, be possible.

Dave Curtis

Dave is kind of like Darren, except a bit wiser thanks to the passage of time. He’s really a great guy now that I’m starting to get to interact with him a bit more.

Dave Rohrer

Daver! Dude! Never expected to find a short little avatar to be more entertaining. Except for NetMeg but that will be discussed below. Unlike Darren, Dave really does think outside the box. Like me. Except not. But what makes Daver someone I appreciate, is he’s got ColdFusion skills. Mad. Skills. And while I’m not an engineer or code-monkey by trade (or willingness), the one language I actually even half-way learned enough to build data driven web sites with, is ColdFusion.

Dawn Wentzell

Ah poor Dawn. Not only is she still just adapting to life at Outspoken Media, here I come along – Mr. Literal – the never ending stream of sarcasm, interrupting her Twitter life with my snappy responses to her otherwise innocent tweets as she goes about life. Hopefully I’ll remember to be respectful (ha!) in the coming months. But damn. She comes out with some really great material for me to work with!

Deborah G.

Deb is actually an IRL friend. My very first spiritual teacher in fact. Going way way way way back to the days where we’d sit in her backyard melting clouds away. I love you Deb! I’m so grateful we reconnected online.

Dylan Spencer

Dude, look – it’s simple. Act like a real man at some point – put John Jordan in his place, and marry Lisa okay?

Or at the very least, buy pipesareinthebasement.com from me.

Edward Lewis

LOL – Dude, whatever you do, I don’t personally care if my blog is going to turn out to have six hundred code-level syntax errors. Why? Because I’m not a programmer, I don’t have a programmer on staff to resolve any issues you find, and I don’t , at the moment, therefore, see the need for me, one of the “little guys”, to have to care, as long as I get results. Which I know is something you can appreciate, given our common belief in SalesRank(tm) which you so aptly came up with earlier today! What I do care about is your passion – THAT I can appreciate and that I hope to see for a long time to come.

And oh – dude- keep ripping apart the big brand sites – THEY can pay for getting it right, so they have no excuse! And hey – please – stop reflecting that laser off the satellite – I’ve woken up stupid-early a couple days in a row now. Don’t you know I’m a late sleeeper?

Flora Cat

Flora is one of the prettiest cats I’ve ever met online. Seriously. Maybe even THE prettiest cat. Either way, she’s definitely the most adorable, if not tolerant of her human’s idea of “creative video”.

Frankie N.

Francesca Norstad, as some of you may know, is the daughter I never had. Creative beyond belief, visionary in her talent (a professional photographer like Christa), Frankie makes my heart sing, as she goes about her adventure that most people refer to as life. Frankie, I love you and thank God for your presence.

George Revutsky

Due to a recent kerfuffle after being played by Scoble, some people may not fully grasp how intelligent, thoughtful and downright skilled George is in the SEO industry. I’m here to set that record straight once and for all. And I look forward to collaborating with George in 2010. If you’ve labelled George due to that kerfuffle, take a moment to get to know him. You might just be surprised.

Paul Gillin

Ah Paul. Early on in my Twitter life, I started following Paul’s tweets. He’s one of the few people that come from old-school media who I respect. I have yet to find a way to get him to write about me, but I’ll keep doing what I do, and maybe one day an opportunity will come along. Even if that doesn’t happen, I’ll continue to keep watching and reading.

Glen D. Gilmore

I enjoy following Glen on Twitter – he’s got a pulse on trends online, and provides me endless opportunities to stay on top of things. And I’m glad he didn’t take offense back when I was limiting my Facebook friends to IRL people I’d already known.

Jamie Varon

Only a couple times in my life have I come across someone I identified with to the point where I considered them like family. Where Francesca is like the daughter I never had, Jamie’s like a younger sister. Why I so totally adore Jamie is because of her sense of traveling wanderlust – whether it’s half-way around the world or just driving a 14′ U-haul across San Francisco. The mini-adventures she goes on, almost on a daily basis, are priceless. And TMI in this case, really isn’t TMI. It’s just enough.

Jesse C. (Jesse – Can’t find your twitter profile anywhere! – contact me…)

Another IRL friend, Jesse is an artist extrordinaire. Funny, insightful, and sarcastic. Jesse is that unique blend of care-free and disciplined. Which makes no sense to me, except when I see that combination in action through Jesse.

Jessica Gottlieb

If there’s anyone who both personifies and at the same time completely breaks the Mom-blogger mold, it’s Jessica. Another person I look to as an example of how to succeed in life. Yet at the same time, someone who’s life I pray never to have to get a taste for (or perhaps I secretly admire her ability to have so much going on while not myself being willing to go back to having a good joint now and then). Either way, Jessica is nothing less than entertaining and educational when it comes to things that Jessica does best.

Jill Whalen

Once upon a time, I had an issue with Jill. Not that she was either aware of or cared about that. But in any case, I used to disagree with Jill’s take on some aspects of SEO. Big time. Nowadays, I admire Jill’s obvious talent, greatly appreciate having her as a follower, and only sometimes get bent out of shape over some of her views on SEO.

Joanna Lord

Joanna is, above all things, an entrepreneur with talent, class and dedication. And this past few months, she’s shown some serious signs of being like Jamie V. in the wanderlust department, so that too is something I greatly appreciate in Joanna. I look forward to following her path to success.

Joe Hall

Wow. Joe. Dude. I really thought, on at least three different occassions, that I’d totally pissed you off. Then, one day, I realized, you, sir, have a lot to teach me about life. Except the drinking part. I kind of burned my drinking ticket up a long time ago.

John Jordan

Dude! Why is it so obvious to so many, and so completely blind to you? If, by now, you haven’t been able to grasp it, here’s a hint. You and Lisa belong together.

Except there’s Dylan. And Zane. And that cute guy at Famous. Good luck with that.

Joshua Sciarrino

Josh and I got into a minor spat one night on Twitter. And by the end of it, realized we’re really a lot alike in a key “contrarian” way. And since then, all is well.

Kate Morris

I think the first time I reached out to Kate has to be while she was working toward her Masters. Something about a Thesis. And something about WordPress crapping out. But those two weren’t related. Or were they?

Wow – I really applaud Kate’s ability to stay so focused as to get a Masters degree and at the same time, venture into business. I was, if it’s not evident by now, in no way capable of staying in college and working at the same time. To the point where I dropped out a week before finals in my first year. ๐Ÿ™‚ Congratulations on getting your degree Kate. And here’s to a tremendously successful career!

Kristy Bolsinger

OMG Ponies! Kristy, I hardly know you, yet I already know you’ve got a heart of gold, and that’s damned good enough for me to consider you teh awesome!

Lisa Barone

ATTENTION INTERWEBS. Forget about all the damned popularity lists. The Lisa is one of the most profoundly visionary, ethical and brilliant people in the Internet Marketing / Social Media world. If you can’t see through the popularity crap long enough to give her the accolades she deserves, you’re the ones missing out. Which is also bizarre, since Lisa is hugely popular. Just not necessarily among the idiots who vote for popularity based “best of” contests and surveys.

I owe Lisa so much. A lot. Really. She’s the blogging goddess. If I ever get half as good as Lisa, ZOMG! Like Jamie V., Lisa is like a younger sister I so completely adore. To the point of tears. Lots of them. #NotCreepy #Honest. But Lisa and I share a common trait that Jamie and I don’t. Long Island.

Sure there are differences in that – I grew up in a Jewish family – Lisa, Italian. But on Long Island, that can be pretty much the same thing. Guilt and shame, lots of yelling, and something in the food that compels us to go back over and over, hoping for something different, but expecting (and getting) the same results.

Except my family’s now a shell of it’s former self, only my brother, sister and I left. And I pray that Lisa #DoesntDieInACarDrivenByHerBrother but instead, gets to experience many more years of family on Long Island.

But Lisa, I beg you – hear my words – one day you may be tempted to move back. #NoReally. #DontFallForIt. Please.

Loren Feldman

Dude, you already know the puppet thing is genius. Because it just is. I just have one question though. What did you put in Michelle’s water to win her over? #IWantSomeOfThat.

Marin IJ

Yeah – go figure – a newspaper. A NEWSPAPER. Honestly, I really rarely read the print paper. And never, ever go to their site on my own. But thanks to Twitter, I get a daily dose of links to stories and a few times a week, I click on one or three. To stay up on local events. #GoFigure

Marjory Meechan

Marjory – we’ve hardly connected yet. So who paid you to create a list that includes me? Whoever it was, thank them for me. Profusely. Yours was the first Twitter list I was included in. And for that, I thank you.

Matt Cutts

LOL – Matt, thank you for not permanently blocking me way back when I first got it in my head that I could harrass you on Twitter like Michael does. For that alone, I admire you. Really. Not that your insights and zingers at bing aren’t worth following. It’s just that I know I really slammed you at one point, almost as much as I slammed Guy K. And yet you were able to find a way to get it through my head that there might be a better way to communicate. #Amazing #MiraclesNeverCease

Matt J Leonard

Matt fits into multiple categories as far as connections I appreciate. From football smack-talk, to SEO, from his passion to do good in the world, to his love of Gayle, his mom. Matt Leonard is just about the most decent, truly giving people on earth. It sucks that his employer is clueless when it comes to what Matt blogs about. But that’s just my take on things. Can’t wait to finally meet, dude.

Matt Siltala

If Matt Leonard, Tony V., and Arnie K. are my brothers in smack-talk, friendship and respect, Matt S. is the heart-beat inside us all. Oh – and he’s really good at putting together jigsaw puzzles, or so I learned just today.

Meg Geddes

MEG! Thank God there’s someone online who’s been ragging on others online longer than I have. We’re talking pre-Internet here. Pre, pre, PRE Internet. Why this means so much to me is this. Every single time my ego gets the better of me and I start bragging about how long I’ve been online or messing with computers, Meg comes right along and puts me in my place. Reminds me that I’m not so grand for my particular longevity. And that is priceless.

And besides – who can beat a license plate like that?

Michael Dorausch

Michael was my hero at PubCon with all the photos. Can’t say how much it meant to be able to feel like I was there. Except I’m still confused. Exactly how is it that a Chiropractor has become so deeply entrenched, (and clearly so loved) in the Search Industry? I guess for that alone I need to keep comin around. And just maybe, more will be revealed.

Michael Gray

Michael, Michael, Michael – not sure why you stopped following me on Twitter, dude. I don’t use the Twitter web RT thing. Don’t recall dissing you. Who knows. All I know, is you’re still the “rant-rock-star”, and I continue to learn from you every day.

Michael Streko

Dude, whatever it is that got you so enraptured in the whole Outspoken clan, I want some of that. And dude, knowem.com is just brilliant.

Michelle Feldman

Michelle is like the polar opposite to Loren. It’s humorous actually, to even conceive how they have managed to get along well enough to remain a clearly in-love couple AND participate in the business together. I don’t know – maybe it’s that something secret Loren put in Michelle’s water at some point, or maybe she’s got a thing for puppets. Whatever it is, it’s just outstanding!

Michelle Robbins

Vroom vroom vroom! Race ya to the corner, and then we can see who’s better at drifting! But first we both need to find a way to get ot Bondurant, and not have to pay for the entire summer there. ๐Ÿ™‚

Monica Wright

Sensei, thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn how to joke around with you while not having you kick my ass.


Nano is a brother from another mother IRL. I <3 how he doesn’t care about follower counts, doesn’t care about putting on a show. And I <3 that he’s in my life.

Nate Moller

Dude, seriously- all the Yankee H8ers need to get a life, huh?

Patricia Skinner

Patricia is someone I learn more each day, has a lot of common beliefs as me. She’s been there for me a lot lately. And that I can’t put a price-tag to. Invaluable. Thank you Patricia.

Rae Hoffman

Okay here goes. I have a crush on Rae.

There. I said it.

Maybe it’s the take no prisoners attitude. Maybe it’s the confidence. Or the cowboy boots. I’m not sure exactly. But wow.

Except it would never work. Rae’s still at a point where the drinking doesn’t prevent success, and that stopped working for me a long time ago. So I’ll just keep admiring her passion for life, and we’ll leave it at that.

Rhea Drysdale

Rhea is like the glue that must keep Outspoken together. Seriously. I don’t know how she does it. Must be that Irish charm. I got out of hand really fast a while back with someone on Twitter, and Rhea pretty quickly set me straight. Not many people have that ability. Not many at all.

Ricardo Nunez

Dude, I appreciate your friendship on Twitter. You bring a refreshing perspective to things when the rest of us get out of control.

Rob D Woods

Hey chicken-shit. I took all that time to go out of my way to help you. And yet, it lingers. You said it was your blog that was holding things up. Well, we’re waiting. With baited breath. Come on – you can do this. We know you can!

Sausalito Police & San Rafael Police

Crazy as it may sound to some who know me, I think it’s awesome that two of the local “Marin 13” are on Twitter. Truly glad they’re stretching their social media wings.

Shama Kabani

Wow. Brilliant. Simply brilliant. And one of these days, I’m going to split off some of the company funds to go and buy me a decent video camera and start video blogging as part of my online marketing efforts. Because, wow. Just wow. You rock.

Shana Albert

We’ve only this past month connected online. And in that short time, you’ve helped me countless ways. You’re also someone I think deserves a medal of honor for what you accomplish in your life. Three children who by all accounts, are growing up to be independent, caring and respectful of others. One of the most multi-faceted businesses I’ve ever seen in an online marketer. And all while somehow having the most killer smile on earth. #HeartMelt

Steve Plunkett

Upstanding dude. Hand on the pulse of instant SEO gratification. Someone I look forward to getting to know more.

Susan Esparza

For many years I’ve dreamed of writing a “___ for dummies” book. When it comes to SEO for dummies, I’d have wasted my time. Susan had that covered.

Toni Carr

Toni, as those of you who read my last article know, is the one who got me started on Twitter. But unlike my last article, this one needs to be all about how grateful I am for Toni, and for her encouraging me in getting involved with the SEO community in the first place. So here’s to you Toni – I’m in your debt.

Tony Verre

On first look, Tony came across to me as an unassuming guy. Mild-mannered, mostly quiet yet consistent in his message. And that daughter of his clearly reflects the goodness in Tony’s soul.

Except one day, an NFL game was on TV. And Tony showed a side I never knew existed. Wow. Talk about passion. Talk about conviction of heart. Dude owns the concept of smack-talk, at least when it comes to his ability to lambast players on the field. ๐Ÿ™‚ Tony, you rock!

True Identity Unknown blueyedmuse

Her Twitter profile says it all. A riddle. wrapped in a mystery. Inside an enigma. Damn. That’s a grand slam of intrigue.

Victoria Edwards

So here we are, on the verge of being able to register for IMSB 2010. And all of a sudden, I’m in a near panic that by the time IMSB 2010 is over, I’ m going to have to change my Twitter handle. I’m only just getting to know Victoria. But so far, she’s been one of the kindest, most caring people I’ve met on Twitter.

Now if only she’d share with me the secret formula to capitalizing on LinkShare ads…

Virginia Nussey

Virginia Nussey is like the polar opposite to The Lisa. Well, maybe she’s not really that much of an opposite IRL, but when it comes to blogging she is. And it’s teh awesome. But Virginia is a lot more than that too. She’s a director of a frakkin radio show for cryin out loud. And that adorable, innocent looking face is really just a front for a brilliant mind, and a killer sense of humor.


There are so many other people I want to include. But truth be told, I’ve still got a lot of people to actually connect with to any extent. Just some of you are:

Aaron Bradley
Amy Gordon
Angie Nikoleychuk
Barry Wise
Chuck Reynolds
Dean Cruddace
Gina Kay
Janet D Miller
JD Ebberly
Joanna Butler
Kandi Humpf
Kenny Hyder
Lauren Litwinka
Martin Bowling
Matt McGee
Nick Wilsdon
Pamela Lund
Saad Kamal
Shaun Dakin
shawna Fennell
Steve Weber

Well there you have it people. I know for sure I missed a lot of people in this list. But please – give me a break here – it’s a quarter after 1 in the morning. I’ve been up since before 5AM. In two hours, I head out to do some volunteer stuff in the community. I’m beat. exhausted. worn down. fried. refried. crispy crittered. So please – be gentle in your critique . But please do leave your comments, your thoughts… It would be greatly appreciated. And most of all, I really look forward to 2010. It’s going to be an awesome year!


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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Patricia Skinner, Alan Bleiweiss. Alan Bleiweiss said: A tribute to my twitter friends http://bit.ly/7ktyMT by Alan Bleiweiss […]

  2. Ann Smarty says:

    Alan, me getting know you as a persona and an AWESOME SEO writer was a huge discovery. We love and appreciate your contributions to SEJ and please, please keep them coming!

  3. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by AlanBleiweiss: A tribute to my twitter friends http://bit.ly/7ktyMT by Alan Bleiweiss…

  4. Shana Albert says:

    Thank you so much for including me in your tribute. This last month of getting to know you has been wonderful. You are an amazing person and I have no doubt that I am a better person from our conversations.

    Now, as far as me deserving a medal of honor… I’m not sure about that, but what I will say for that amazing compliment is, “Thank you”. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh FYI… I’m smiling. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Ann,

    wow. you are teh awesome!


    You’re welcome. ANd re: FYI – #HeartMelt

  6. Have always enjoyed your posts Alan! You write so well and from the heart which is rare these days. Truly honoured to be in your list in this post too – and to know you through Twitter and SEJ!

    Here’s to hoping your 2010 is much better and to more of your posts and tweets! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Joanna, thank you. I’m honestly hoping that we get to know more about each other this year. And now you know why I say the more words, the better ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I am deeply touched. And not in that creepy “by an uncle” sort of way. Today I will not kick your ass. But tomorrow is another day.

    (Wow, I am a poet.)

    Sincerely though, we have all learned and appreciated your outlook, SEO and beyond. Here’s to 2010!

  9. Thank you sensei! I am pleased that you are touched, and I too am glad it’s not in that creepy “by an uncle” sort of way.

  10. Great article Alan, thank you for the mention. Is true, always here to control you, Alysson, John Jordan and the rest of the gang.

    PS: 6 hours on a post? you should put affiliate links in our names to recover the money *sarcasm* lol

  11. LOL affiliate links in your names hahaha

    DAMN #NextTIme

  12. Lisa Barone says:

    Aw, love fest! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for an early Saturday smile, Alan.

    While you’ve managed to nail all the pent up frustration happening in Troy, don’t let that Virginia girl fool you. She’s just like me, that one. I assure you! And nice description of Darren. I hope I’m there when he hits that wall. I deserve it. [love you, Darren.]

  13. Arnie Kuenn says:

    Alan – I see why Ann “discovered” you. You are an awesome writer. Truly enjoyed this and the tweets that lead up to it. Just wish you were a B-Ball fan too.

    Now… get some sleep!

  14. Lisa,
    You’re so welcome. You know how much I admire you and well, it just makes me all sorts of happy to know you liked it. And I’m stoked you caught the Darren/wall thing. That one was especially fun to add in. #WallsCanBeEnlightening

  15. Arnie –

    Yes Ann DID “discover” me actually. Now I’m freaking out because in a week and a half my next SEJ article is due. #CantTopThis

  16. deb says:

    Didnt you used to be a quiet young man?

  17. Deb

    hahaha yeah, I guess I did. Must have been all that marzipan you forced me to eat. #LongTermSugarRush

  18. Nick Wilsdon says:

    Thanks Alan, honoured to be in your list. I wish you the best in 2010 and look forward to getting to know you better too. Of course, if you ever make it to Moscow let me know.

    As you know, my year has already started with a bang! I’m just waiting now for Anna and baby Sophie to arrive back from the hospital. Looking at those pictures of Cora shows me how many amazing years are to come.

  19. Nick,

    Truly looking forward to an endless stream of photos ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. John Jordan says:

    Great article Alan. It’s been great getting to know you (and all the others on twitter) this year.

    Btw, who’s this guy at Famous you speak of? Is Lisa cheating on me, Dylan, & Zane?!

    #SheReallyHatesMe #DontLetHerFoolYou

  21. Hiya Alan,

    This was masterfully written. Hysterical yet poignant.

    I’ve had a blast getting to piss you off know you this year. Can’t wait to meet you for realz at IMSB (or whatever it’s going to be called this year).

    I don’t know everyone on this list, but of all my Twitter buddies you named, you summed them up beautifully.


  22. Alan, I can’t thank you enough for what your friendship has meant to me, especially in the past few weeks. You’ve helped me through some difficult decisions with your keen insight. Thanks for the support and encouragement via DMs, emails and phone calls. You not only write well, but you listen and speak coherently! For a guy, you have a lot of words in your vocabulary. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Glad to see you as one of SEJโ€™s new regular columnists, too. With the changes I’ll be implementing, I’ll have more time to read your insights as well as those of a number of fantastic people listed here.

    A number of the tweeps on your list have impacted my life in many ways as well. Glad you took the time to acknowledge them!

    P.S. to Nick, Congrats on your newborn!!

  23. SEO Mofo says:


    I assure you…I have already “run into a psychological brick wall”–an unmovable concentration of emotional energy, upon which my superhuman powers of logic have been entirely ineffective. You know this brick wall as Lisa Barone. [love you, Wall.]

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  25. Joanna Lord says:

    Wow. What a great post you have written. Thank you for the kind words but more importantly I am so glad our virtual paths have crossed. I can remember many nights of late night chatting, DMing, and so forth that have helped me push through the busy year and keep a smile on my face.

    Goal for 2010: Meet up at one of these conferences and buy you a drink (or five) for all the awesomeness you bring to our lives! Happy New Year!

  26. Alysson says:

    Ah, Alan…where do I begin? To find someone who both appreciates and mirrors my innate sarcasm and propensity for snark is truly rare. You are among a short list of people for whom I have the utmost respect, admiration and affection. You are a truly good egg who understands the necessity of balancing the seriousness of our challenges with irreverence and humor. You make me laugh on a daily basis and some days that laughter is enough to keep me – and those who witness our Twitter banter – plugging away in a world filled with avarice and absurdity.

    Thank you for including me in your tribute post. For those who think Twitter is nothing more than a useless broadcast medium for celebretards, narcissists and imbeciles, I leave you with this: “Eat shit, you small-minded technophobes. I’ve made some great friends via Twitter that “real life” would have given me the opportunity to meet – and Alan is among the best and brightest of them.”

  27. Wow, Alan – totally shocked (and honoured) to be included on this list. I can’t count the number of times your responses have made me litterally *facepalm* at whatever I’d said ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Wowzer! I go and fall asleep for just a couple hours and there’s like all these 1st time comments waiting to be moderated.

    Okay here goes:

    John, dude – the ‘cute guy’ in famous – if YOU haven’t figured out who it is by now, you’re in worse shape than we suspected. Now I don’t even know if you can salvage what little #punintended you “shared” with Lisa.

    Annie, Just remember – YOU are the one who chose to be Wile E. Coyote. #BeepBeep!

    Dana, God’s Grace. <3

    Darren, Thank you for having the courage to admit you need help. #ItsOkay #WeUnderstand #WeLoveYouAnyhow

    Joanna, thanks for the comment love. But what me (and half the guys on Twitter) want to know is #WheresThePicsFromNYE #BlackLace ๐Ÿ™‚

    Alysson, at about 3:30AM as I was driving in the rain to do my volunteer work, I panicked - had I spelled your name right in the article, or had I, once again, referred to "that other Aly-chick" hahaha Oh - and just to set the record straight in 2010 I really have no problem with you being all whorish. #ItsEndearing

    Dawn, I'm truly sorry to hear you're shocked. It's understandable though, that being at Outspoken has taken it's toll in such a way. Transitioning from a life of normalcy, reasonableness and common sense has clearly been quite upsetting. #WeWillPrayForYou

  29. Kate Morris says:

    You srsly win the award for the most innovative.hilarious.insightful, damn funny New Year’s post. This was so much fun to read. Thank you so much for making me laugh int he past few months, and for the congrats. I look forward to talking with you more this next year, and blabbering more about (my) Thesis.

  30. Kate,

    I’m sincerely glad you enjoyed the post. #ItsAlmostAsLongAsAThesis

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  32. Lisa Barone says:

    I think John’s confusion is intensified by the fact that you probably meant Flavour, NOT Famous…but there is a Famous in Troy. I just never go there.

    And shut it, Darren. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. DOH uh yeah. I meant Flavour. #MeVeryTired but I also think John’s just confused in general ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. John Jordan says:

    Oh, Flavour! Ok, I was trying to figure out what the hell Famous was. I was thinking it was some California thing. I do miss some twitter conversations from time to time…not glued to it like Lisa is. I mean…[runs] see ya in a bit Lisa. :p

  35. Lisa Barone says:

    In Troy, Famous = Famous Lunch.

    And you’re just as connected as I am, so pfft. And I’ll see you in 57 minutes. :p

  36. John Jordan says:

    Shouldn’t you be napping? :p
    And I know about Famous Lunch. They have great hot dogs w/chili, although i prefer Gus’s.

  37. Wow – thanks Alan! This is a great list and there were a few people on here that I didn’t know about. You are a fantastic writer and I really enjoy reading what you have to say.

  38. Thank you Kandi – looking forward to 2010 and even more friendship building

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  41. Thank you thank you Alan.

    I can’t begin to count the number of times you’ve been a resource to me. I’m immensely grateful and I hope that 2010 is wonderful for you.

  42. Awww Jessica – you’re welcome – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the opportunity to help in the small way I can. And of course, let me know when there’s anything I can do to help in 2010. Like hunting down asshat author’s photo streams, for example ๐Ÿ˜‰

  43. Nice post Alan. Here’s the thing, John and Lisa are meant to be together. Everybody on twitter knows this and if they hook up on Valentine’s day, I’m going to win some money. If that happens, I’ll use the money I win to buy pipesareinthebasement.com.

  44. hahaha Dylan – you really think John’s got the balls to make that happen? And would Zane put up with that crap? Or will that cute guy at Flavour win Lisa’s heart and elope with her to Boston?

  45. SEO Mofo says:

    Well alright then…

    Manage Subscriptions → A Tribute To My Twitter Friends → Remove Selected Subscription(s)

  46. Lisa Barone says:

    John doesn’t have the balls.
    Zane just wants out of Troy.
    And Dylan just wants me and John together because he’s secretly in love with John and wants to make sure he gets breakfast every day.

  47. oh wow – Darren’s feeling all left-out of the love fest. Lisa, if you hook up with the cute guy from Flavour and elope to Boston maybe that’s Zane’s ticket out of Troy – like in a suitcase, or the trunk of the car. Kind of like a back-up in case that cute guy gets boring or can’t find the pipes in the new basement

  48. John Jordan says:

    Hahah, I had a reply for all of you, but after I wrote / read it, i’ve decided not to comment. No matter what I say, it’s going to get twisted around by you 3. :p

  49. Tony Verre says:


    What a great post and I’m completely honored to be apart of such an amazing list of folks. I’ve read it a couple times now, and, yes, mea culpa for not posting my gratitude sooner. Mild-mannered, huh? Well, dude, 2010 is a new fuckin’ year. Perhaps this is the year Bruce Banner turns into the Incredible Hulk?

    *You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

    I know 2010 is going to be awesome for you. Keep doin’ what you’re doing.

  50. Rob Woods says:

    alright, alright, consider me officially called out…I’m on it…

  51. Virginia says:

    Hi Alan! Thank you! You are a sweetheart!! Happy New Year! Meeting and knowing you in 2009 has likewise been a blast!

    And I agree with Lisa. She and I are not so different. See, we both perfected the innocent face –> 0:) Where do you think I learned it from?

  52. Tony, I’m looking forward to seeing the 2010 you

    Rob, well? it’s yet another day later. still waiting.

    Virginia, I <3 that you think I'm a sweetheart ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Alan, thank you for listing me here, I am honoured to be included with such a great bunch of people. I have a feeling 2010 will be a great year on Twitter, and I am looking forward to connecting with you.


  54. Christian, thanks for taking the time to comment – agreed about 2010!

  55. Victoria says:

    Better late than never!! Thanks for the shout out gorgeous!!!! What will your new Twitter handle be??? Twitter.com/vicsbitch? I KID I KID ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well I look forward to meeting with you & getting to know you better!!!
    Victoria´s last blog ..TallChickVic: RT @LisaBarone What to ask (& avoid) when hiring a copywriter http://outspokenmedia.com/lrur My ComLuv Profile

  56. oh. my. god. Well, unfortunately Victoria, twitter.com/vicsbitch is already taken

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