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Here it is, just a few days after I posted my tribute article to friends on Twitter.  And I’m still getting compliments, words of appreciation and praise.  When all I did was express my own gratitude.  The response was so big to that article that it actually took on a little life of its own.  To the point where I went from being completely off the radar of the INVESP top 100 SEO blogs, and ended up, at the time of this follow-up, being #83 on the top 100. Out of 20,000 blogs tracked by the INVESP system, that just floors me.


Of course, I don’t expect to remain in such amazing company.  Of course, after a few days, probably, I’ll drop back out.  but that’s okay.  I don’t write articles of this magnitude every day.  And I don’t have guest bloggers writing articles on the days and weeks that I don’t blog here.  And I am sure there are many great SEO blogs not even tracked, that would supplant my place in a heartbeat…

It’s enough however, that at least for this brief time, I’m able to get on that list.  And since the article went live, I’ve gained about 75 new followers on Twitter from within our industry.  And a handful who aren’t even in our industry, but who found my blog article because of the effects of ReTweeting.


This is where it blows me away.  At one point, someone in my extended network re-tweeted the link to the article, and added the hashtag #HUMOR to the end of it.  Next thing I know, people who follow that hashtag pick it up, and retweet it.  And by the time it was all said and done, I had over 2300 people from around the world, many of whom I don’t know, and some who are not even in our SEO community, had visited the site.


Which makes it one of the top 10 articles viewed on my blog – in just two and a half days.  Where the closest another article has come to that, it was my first Deceptive SEO tactics article, which took a month to get this many visits.

So to truly express my gratitude for all of THIS, I’ve gone ahead and added a link to every single person I’ve mentioned in the article, to their respective Twitter profile.  In the hopes that some future reader might find this, and click some of those links, and thus start following you, the people I so appreciate, and who have done so much to enrich my life.


I’ve also taken the time to update the article with just a few of the people I left out of the original tribute, because I need to recognize them here, and totally hit the FAIL on including them the first time.  I know it’s not the same as having included them originally, but it’s something nonetheless.

So check it out – my Tribute To My Twitter Friends

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