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I am not a graphic designer by trade, though once in a while I’ll pretend I am for my own sites.  Usually it involves hours upon hours of research, dozens of trial and error attempts in Photoshop, and quite often completely scrapping what I thought initially was spot on.

This past fall I worked on my own Twitter background and had done what I thought to be a pretty good job of it.  Then tonight, I came across a statement by Darren Slatten where he mentioned the importance of considering people who have screen resolutions of 1024 pixels wide.  Both because it’s still a significant portion of web users, and as Darren pointed out, it’s the standard for the new asshat useless piece of crap the iPad.

And since the vast majority of people in this world are sheep to slaughter when it comes to marketing hype regardless of actual quality, we can be quite sure that enough people will actually buy the iPad and when they do, that many more people are going to be viewing things through 1024 pixel colored glasses.

I took that to heart, and decided I’d look at my own Twitter background, at which point I observed how my then existing design was essentially useless under such circumstances.

Rather than expending countless hours experimenting again, I took the time to read Darren’s recent article “How to design a custom Twitter background“.

It’s a superb article – offering great insight, tips and guidance on getting it right, and not just when it comes to the left-most content.

Thanks to his insights, I was able to make quick work of the process to rework my Twitter background, except in my own situation, I found that I had just 102 pixels of width to work with on the left column, though Darren says not to go over 120 pixels.

I don’t know why, exactly I had that limitation.  It could be that I discovered something Darren had missed, or my monitor is fucked.  Which is quite possible.  Or it could be the browser – I tested in Firefox but not IE or Safari or Chrome.

In any case, I highly recommend checking out his article and just making sure you test your work – in case you need to make minor modifications based on your own results…

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