Eight Emotional Stages of an SEO Contract

I just spent four days at what essentially can best be described as a gathering of like-minded people seeking emotional, psychological and spiritual growth.  Over six thousand of us (early estimates put the number closer to 7,500 but the final tally is less important) gathered for four days of meetings, workshops, fellowship and fun.  And then I came back to work today.  To deal with client projects.  And the ever changing life of an SEO consultant.  And just that fast, those four days seemed like a life-time ago.

And so, in honor of the roller coaster of emotion we in the SEO industry face on a daily basis, I came up with this little bar chart that shows the eight emotional stages of an SEO consultant during the contract process.  Of course, this same emotional process can easily be adapted by most any industry that involves professional services.  But I don’t work in just any industry.  So if you want to adapt this to your own industry, feel free to do so.  Just be sure to send me a licensing fee of $75,000.00 each time you do.


someone asked why I marked “annoyed” for my “After I vent on Twitter” column. “Shouldn’t that be “relieved” or “justified”? they asked?  Well I suppose, sometimes.  But mostly when I am rambling on in a multi-tweet Twitter rant, I’m still so steamed over whatever it is that got me riled up that at best it just calms me down to the “annoyed” level.  Of course your ranting mileage may vary.

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  2. I love your chart!! It is so true and so sad.

  3. Thanks Anita

    I had about a dozen more for the chart but figured any more and it would be a bit chaotic 🙂

  4. LOL… funny… nice chart sir! 🙂
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  5. Hey, Alan, you always manage to reflect just how I feel. This is amazing–love it! 🙂
    Patricia Skinner´s last blog ..Are You Just Another Damned Liar? My ComLuv Profile

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  7. […] I created a neat little bar chart I refer to as “Eight Emotional Stages of an SEO Contract“.  It provides a humorous take on the pain that arises even when client expectations are set […]

  8. Jim Rudnick says:

    Oh my gosh! great chart and I’ll drop by here often to see more of same…




  9. Seobelle says:

    Good blog I love and hate the truth in the graph, although a rant on Twitter tends to send me spiralling into an uncontrollable rage as other Twitterers add their own experiences and I start to hate the fact damn clients mess up my perfectly good SEO campaign. I love the bar of how you feel after they have taken advice from a spammer as I am sure for each new client I take on their are 2 new spammers whispering in their ears about paid links, doorway pages and multiple domains… arghhhhh

  10. Patricia – thank you – it’s always my hope that my articles elicit thought and common-experience identification. It means a great deal to me that this is the case with the chart!

    Jim, welcome to the world of my slightly twisted mind 🙂


    LOL – “2 new spammers whispering in their ears about paid links, doorway pages and multiple domains…” That’s both a great visual and a sad one…

    So my ending up only being still “annoyed” after tweeting isn’t so uncommon! I’d assumed that to be the case, though hadn’t ever compared notes with anyone on the phenomena. It’s quite understandable I suppose, given that, when commiserating with other like-minded people, who can identify with our pain, Twitter, while allowing us to vent, can also just reinforce our frustrations.

    I do know though, that having the ability to vent among people who understand is actually quite helpful as well. It means I’m not the only one who goes through this. And somehow, knowing that, it ultimately takes the edge off. 🙂

  11. Hey, have you been reading my journal again?

    Great chart, You absolutely nailed it!
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  12. Oh – wow Tommy – I really thought it was okay to prowl around your place and read your journal. I mean it was sitting there in plain sight. After I opened the safe. The one I found hidden under the floorboards.

    You know – the ones under the refrigerator.

    Dude, that’s really not a very good hiding place.


  13. le-juge says:

    LOL – SO TRUE! you could also add some other stages in the contract. Especially if you’re involved in the pitch

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  15. Funny! Funny! Funny! Now is the fork one of those two-pronged BBQ forks? or just a regular fork. Cuz that makes a difference! Thankk you for the laugh!

  16. Gabriella says:

    I am laughing at 5:00 am, that’s just not right. But with all due respect, I am inclined to say you have forgotten to include one of my favorite’s in your bar charts. When a client tells you they really don’t need SEO because they have no competition, or when they tell you their cousin pulled a KEI and the words being used are so far fetched you wonder who their cousin is. Aside from that you are of course spot-on.
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  18. Colleen,

    I thought, until now, that a regular old kitchen fork was bad enough. A BBQ fork? That’s some serious hurt!


    I’ve got several others to add as well – but will definitely include yours next time!

  19. Just wanted to say you have a great site and thanks for posting!

  20. SO true will i think i will meet this emotional stages again and again 🙂
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