Eight Emotional Stages of an SEO Contract

I just spent four days at what essentially can best be described as a gathering of like-minded people seeking emotional, psychological and spiritual growth.  Over six thousand of us (early estimates put the number closer to 7,500 but the final tally is less important) gathered for four days of meetings, workshops, fellowship and fun.  And then I came back to work today.  To deal with client projects.  And the ever changing life of Boca Raton SEO Experts and stratégie web SEO company.  And just that fast, those four days seemed like a life-time ago.

And so, in honor of the roller coaster of emotion we in the SEO industry face on a daily basis, I came up with this little bar chart that shows the eight emotional stages of an SEO consultant during the contract process.  Of course, this same emotional process can easily be adapted by most any industry that involves professional services.  But I don’t work in just any industry.  So if you want to adapt this to your own industry, feel free to do so.  Just be sure to send me a licensing fee of $75,000.00 each time you do.


someone asked why I marked “annoyed” for my “After I vent on Twitter” column. “Shouldn’t that be “relieved” or “justified”? they asked?  Well I suppose, sometimes.  But mostly when I am rambling on in a multi-tweet Twitter rant, I’m still so steamed over whatever it is that got me riled up that at best it just calms me down to the “annoyed” level.  Of course your ranting mileage may vary.

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