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Okay so many of you know already that Dana Lookadoo, Gil Reich, and I pitched in to help Susan Esparza with liveblogging of SMX Advanced earlier in the week. But since my contributions are all spread out, I figured I’d provide a consolidated post that provides links to each of the individual session articles.

And keep your eyes out in the near future for a “So you think you want to be a liveblogger” article.  Because my experience will save you much pain.  Much very serious pain.   Trust me on that.

Note – clicking on a link will take you to that page in a new window so you can come back here and read the rest of the articles.  Which I know you’ll do.  Because I know you respect how much sweat, pain and agony I put into these.  For you. 😉

Opening the Contract Kimono: Translating your Pricing Model to Legal Agreement

If you are an independent consultant, a small shop owner or at an agency, you’re going to want to check out the Contract Kimono session.  There’s some great stuff in there that could potentially save you tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawsuits.  And some solid points made about why some contracts in our industry should be Pay for Performance.  Which until this session, I had been totally against.  And now think is worth consideration…

Demystifying Online Attribution

Lately I’ve been working hard (okay, I don’t work hard – except when I’m liveblogging…) to drive home the importance of proper conversion attribution to clients.  If you think “We had 30,000 visits this month and a 60% bounce rate, so something sucks”, you may be completely off the mark when going to address it.  Because you don’t track the full life cycle of some purchase decisions.  Online attribution can resolve that problem and not only save your company a lot of money, it could significantly increase your revenue…

You&A with Matt Cutts

A regular comedy show ensued this year as Danny Sullivan interviewed Matt Cutts taking questions from the audience, and injecting his own pet peeves and wise-guy style into the process.  Which both kept Matt on his toes, and everyone in the room, including Matt, laughing…

So You Want To Test SEO?

Never take Matt, or Rand, or Aaron, or Jill, or anyone in our industry at face value when you’re doing SEO.  If you’re not testing, and doing it properly, you’re not getting the most you can for your company if you’re in-house, or your clients if you’re a consultant.  This was a big one for me.  Not only did I feel by this time that I’d actually gotten into the groove of liveblogging, but it was on a subject I’m passionate about.  And even though 95% of everything shared by speakers this week was something I already knew (hey – I put in 10 hour days for the past 10 years, okay?), I came away with great new stuff more from this one session than I did from any of the others I attended.


And when you’re done reading those, come back again.  Because then you’ll be able to go visit the Bruce Clay blog and read all of Susan and Dana Lookadoo and Gil’s session coverage as well.

And then you can go to SearchEngineLand and go read all the other liveblogging coverage for both day one and day two.  Because there was a lot of it.  All for you.

Then, when you’re done there, be sure to send Lisa Barone and Virginia Nussey flowers, cupcakes, rainbows, puppies and kittens encouraging them to complete heal so the next conference they’ll be able to liveblog again.  And I’ll be spared the cruel and unusual suffering.  Okay?

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