My SES SF Conference LiveTweeting and Liveblogging Coverage Day 1

Okay so by now, you may have learned that I really enjoy liveblogging.

It all started at SMX Advanced, where Susan Esparza from Bruce Clay Inc. corralled a few of us into pitching in when Virginia Nussey couldn’t make it. And when I saw Lisa Barone from Outspoken Media tweet that she too couldn’t attend and liveblog, well that was all it took for me to jump on board.

After that eye awakening experience, I really was into doing this again. So I liveblogged several sessions at Blueglass LA for, and the next thing you know, when I mentioned that I’d be attending SES San Francisco, Susan and Virginia asked if I’d like to pick up a couple sessions there as well. How could a guy resist the beguiling charms of Susan and Virginia? I mean seriously…

So I said yes. Along with some other great people, the bunch of us ended up covering a LOT of sessions. Personally I only took on three sessions this time because this was really supposed to be a kick-back conference for me. Yet the sessions I covered were all over the top filled with Search Marketing goodness. So I’m really glad I covered them.

Getting Into The Mood Through Rapid-Fire LiveTweeting

The day,started with the opening keynote, by Jeffrey Hayzlett formerly the CMO at Kodak. And for a keynote to have earned my “best keynote ever” label, you know it had to be great. And rather than liveblogging the session since Susan had that covered, I chose to rapid-fire live tweet it.

So to start things off, here’s a recap of my livetweeting Jeffrey’s Keynote:

    Adapt or Die

    You have 8 seconds to hook me and 110 seconds to sell me. That’s it.

    Big Inc. charges nothing for printers. They rip you off for the ink cartridges. Kodak cut that cost in half

    nobody’s going to die. If a program or a choice fails, it’s okay. Go again

    19 of Kodak’s new products acct for majority of income – all are in top 1,2 or 3 in that niche market

    We had to think about our core offer. Kodak makes emotional technology (used to be film now its not).

    Who are you in the mirror? what is it you REALLY do (beneath the surface)? Focus, communicate THAT

    we had to remake the mood in the company. Hard to be up, out there when the thinking around the company is “our best days are behind us”

    How do we bring the old to the new? what can we bring forward? Trust. Reliability. Caring. Human.

    We left behind the things no longer working. We added new things to those we brought forward.

    We had to remake our web site to convey the new us. We had to have fun. We launched the “eyeCamera 4.1” in April.  Which was on April 1st (the 4.1) a lot of people thought it was real…

    Get Social. Engage Educate Excite Evangelize

    Engage with the community. If someone is really upset, I want to get to them and resolve it.

    Educate. that can be two ways in social media. We listen. We hired a chief listening officer

    win hearts and minds, not eyeballs and pageviews

Interview at Webmaster Radio

After the Keynote, I popped on over to the Webmaster Radio booth in the Expo hall, where I was interviewed by Jim Hedger. Not sure when the interview will air, but I’ll let you know when it does. It was fun, especially because mine was the first interview of the conference – and so there were some hilarious delays and interruptions due to technical difficulties. Jim felt bad that I had to endure those. Yet you all know I like to talk, a lot. Or, actually, as Jennita said – no – Alan, that’s ranting, not talking… 🙂 So having to answer the same few questions that started the interview off over and over wasn’t a hassle for me. It was perfect !

Then there were the three sessions I liveblogged

SEO – Successful Information Architecture

Shari’s well known for her knowledge and insights regarding Information Architecture. While I don’t agree with 100% of the things she recommends, she is someone that gets it right enough of the time that major corporations and brands rely on her services, as they should. They’d be fools not to. And in this session, she kills it. totally.

Eleanor offered up the in-house perspective on the issue of Information Architecture from her perspective at – if you’re an in-house SEO, pay attention. Her knowledge and experience will save you more grief than you can imagine.

Content Marketing Optimization

Lee Odden knocks this one out of the ballpark. Like he apparently always does. Which I was told about his past speaking, however this was the first time I had the pleasure of being there. If you think you know how to market your content, you haven’t heard Lee Odden explain it to you before. And that means you’re missing out. Big time.

Developing Great Content

This was a great session – and it’s a must-read for anyone responsible for content development and management – which the panelists explain goes WAY beyond what SEOs and site managers might normally think. Sadly, if you are having to read it, you missed the monkeys flying in the air, and Rand threatening to chew one up into little bite size pieces so everyone in the room could have some.

But Wait! There’s More!

When you’re done reading my coverage, check out ALL the great coverage from the ENTIRE SES San Francisco conference at the BCI blog.

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