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What would the search industry be without evolutionary progress?  It would be a shadow of its current self, that’s for sure!  And with that in mind, I’m excited to announce evolutionary progress for Search Marketing Wisdom!  A true sea-change in focus and purpose.

So Why Change A Good Thing?

As proud as I am of how far along this blog has come since my first article in 2007, (from no readers to my most successful articles having been viewed upwards of 9,000 times to date), I only have X amount of time these days to show up for this blog.

I then had an epiphany wash over me recently (read that yesterday morning before the sun came up).  It’s time to take this site beyond my voice.  Yeah, yeah, I love hearing my own voice.  You know that already…

The reality is this site DOES average between 10,000 and 15,000 visits a month.  And with that, comes a sense of responsibility to provide quality content, based on current industry reality.  Which means more than just SEO.  And since I’m not an expert in all areas, and that aforementioned limited capacity I’ve got, it’s time to bring on board others who can deliver great content…

A Powerhouse Of Authors

The first big change you’ll see here is the addition of some of the most intelligent, passionate and knowledgeable authors you’ll ever have the fortune to read.  For starters we’ve got

  • Michelle Stinson Ross (Social, blogging, a bit of everything)
  • Dana Lookadoo (SEO, Engagement Optimization)
  • Annie Cushing (Analytics)
  • Angie Nikoleychuk (Copywriting, optimizing content)
  • Amanda Orson (Affiliate Marketing, Local SEO)
  • Pamela Lund (PPC)

While I’ve associated a specific area of expertise with each author, they’ve got free editorial reign, so they’re going to be writing about whatever they’re moved to, even diatribes if they want…


Schedule?  What Schedule?

We’re still working out writing schedules – some will contribute more frequently than others, and every one of us has a lot going on in 2011. Yet whether you see one article in a year or once a week,  twice a month then none for a couple of months, I promise you, every one of these people is someone you’re going to want to pay attention to if you already aren’t doing so.

All Women?

Hey – I only came up with this crazy idea yesterday morning, and I’m still waiting to hear back from some people, including, yes, amazingly enough, some great guys… So chill out okay?  Besides, women tend to follow their intuition more, and in this industry, that gives them an advantage.  So shush your horses there and just recognize how much you’re going to learn here!

More To Come

And if you thought adding these great people to the list of authors here was epic, just wait – keep your ears perked, your eyes focused, and your breath bated…

WTF is bated breath anyhow?  No, I don’t have the energy to go look that up because I’ve been up since 2AM (it’s now just after 1AM the next morning).  And time for me to go rest my brain.  It’s been a long, amazing and magical day for Search Marketing Wisdom…

Anyhow, more authors are on the horizon, and the site itself is going to transform as well…

So here’s to a magical and blessed 2011 for everyone!


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Just another guy. Who happens to have a lot of experience living, breathing and sleeping organic SEO. So that's my primary focus - high end SEO audits and consulting for sites ranging from thousands to tens of millions of pages. In my spare time I blog, rant, write eBooks, and speak at industry conferences.

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  1. Halvorsen says:

    Man, some phenomenal names on that list. I can’t wait!!!!
    Halvorsen´s last blog ..Onesie or FeetieMy ComLuv Profile

  2. Actually, there are so many females so far because in Marketing 101 you learn if you want to get men in the door, you make sure to have plenty of lovely ladies around. Glad to be among them. :D

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  4. Kristy says:

    Hey…look at you guys!!! Congratulations!!! I’ll be sure to keep my eye out for new posts from these great authors!
    Kristy´s last blog ..From The House To The Hill- My New GigMy ComLuv Profile

  5. Jill Whalen says:

    I think bated breath means you eat worms. No wait. That’s BAITed breath :)

    At any rate, congrats for the expansion, Alan, and happy holidays to you!
    Jill Whalen´s last blog ..SEO Consultants Are Not the Enemy!My ComLuv Profile

  6. Doc Sheldon says:

    Great move, Alan!

    Some names well worth listening to there, for sure! Already following some of them, but it’ll be great to find them all in one spot!

  7. Jey Pandian says:

    Excellent! Your blog already had great articles and my opinion of you grew larger than life when I met you in person.

    I’ve heard all these names before and I look forward to the evolution of your blog to the next level.

    All the best.
    Jey Pandian´s last blog ..jeypandian- RT @tonyverre- Every SEM should read this @JordanKasteler Obama FCC Caves on Net Neutrality – Tuesday Betrayal Assured http-huffto-enTZIyMy ComLuv Profile

  8. Garethjax says:

    Woah, epic indeed! I just installed pulse news on my iPhone :)
    It will be handy to follow this fantastic group!

  9. Great lineup Alan :) looking forward to all the awesome changes coming up for SMW!

    … And women are better. ’nuff said. :)

  10. diatribes… I write few, but this may be my start. I realize I hold too much in. But then again, what doesn’t get said, doesn’t get spread. So I’m not sure which is best. :-)

    I’m more than HONORED you asked Alan! As per our phone conversation, I’ll use this opportunity as the kick in the pants to start blogging more regularly.

    Women? Well, I think it’s been shown that women have twice as many words in their vocabulary. The guys who have not responded may have run out of words for the day. (Alan, you are an exception.) OK, let the fun begin!

    • Doc Sheldon says:

      Dana, I really can’t imagine you writing a diatribe. Even a mild rant is a stretch. You’re much too nice for that, I think.

      I do feel compelled to point out one minor discrepancy in your comment, though:
      You said that it’s been shown that women have twice as many words in their vocabulary. I’m sure what you meant to say was that women have no compunction about using every word in their vocabulary over and over. And over. And.Over. ;-)

      Really pleased to see you pop up on the roster with some other very worthy names. Alan has good taste.

  11. Jim Rudnick says:

    hmm…..even more of a reason to continue to pop by here daily….the new “voice of Alan” surrogates will be much read here, eh!


    Jim Rudnick´s last blog ..Xmas Surprise! 25-000 new Inbound Back Links!My ComLuv Profile

  12. Alan, if I don`t know you by now I would say this has got to be a great turning point for SMW. Yes I will hold my hands up and say I have not been reading here as much as I would like to have but shoot me later :)

    Wishing you every success in all you do as always mate and have a great 2011

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