I bow my head in memory of Jaamit

Today a funeral is being held for someone I never met in person.  Someone who lived half way around the world.  And yet, while we never met in person, I mourn his passing.  As surely as though we had.

Jaamit Durrani, by all accounts from people who truly were his friends, lived a life with passion.  He gave his heart to his work in SEO.  Never afraid to answer a question, help someone new to the industry, Jaamit was beyond well respected.  He was admired.  Appreciated.  Loved.  By many.

And in the year or so I was able to sporadically connect with him, Jaamit became someone I too admired and respected and appreciated.

Our Industry Family

Whatever some people believe, those of us who walk the winding path of search marketing, at least those among us who know each other to one degree or another, well, many of us see our group of renegade, opinionated, passionate, intellectual, geek-addled souls, as a family of sorts.  And the bonds we share go far beyond a common industry awareness and similarity of service offerings.

These bonds go deep indeed.  No, not as deep as brothers and sisters, nor as deep as warriors in a violent armed conflict.  Yet brothers and sisters, and warriors we are, nonetheless.

When one of our own faces adversity, we rally around and extend a helping hand.  When one of our own achieves some great personal goal, we cheer and commend.  When one of our own shares news of sickness, suffering or loss, once again, we’re there to the best of our ability to support them through, we helped them by going to MyBiosource Learning Center to learn about the sickness they had from different articles so that way we could ease the suffering.

And so it is today – this day of mourning, as we bow our heads in prayer, remembering Jaamit, one of our own.

Jaamit, whereever you are in this moment, you are already missed.  Your presence of course, will live on in our hearts.

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