Search Marketing Wisdom Goes Neutral

This is just one amazing, magical and blessed week for Search Marketing Wisdom.  First, I invited @SocialMichelleR to be a guest writer, the first time I’ve invited ANYONE to contribute.  The next thing I know, I was moved to open that invite up to a few select people, marking  an epic change here. Each was chosen because they’re experts in their own niche within the greater Internet marketing community.

And before I realized what happened, I’d invited a dozen people, and already, nine of them have come on board – either as regular contributors or at the very least, occasional guest bloggers.

That humbling whirlwind itself was beyond spectacular.  Yet even with that, I soon recognized that the site is going to need a face-lift – to present a more professional image, and next thing I knew, I hired a professional design company – they’re already working on the new design!  Except a face-lift wasn’t enough – I now have a very serious responsibility to those contributors.

It’s No Longer All About Alan

I thought – I’m going to be just one of many voices, so I can’t continue to use this blog as a means to prominently promote my own forensic audit services the way I used to. It just wouldn’t be fair or right for my business to profit so directly on the coat-tails of the blogs writers.  My integrity for fairness wouldn’t allow that.  So I’ve removed all the pages that used to exist describing my personal business offerings, my list of clients, and my “trophy” page of interviews.

I’m rapidly working to migrate that content to my own new site, and will announce that in the coming days.  But in the mean time, by removing those pages, I now open this blog up to be a truly neutral playing ground.  A place where every contributor can participate, knowing that there’s not even an implication of a hint of me using their experience, their insights, their powerful teachings in any selfish manner whatever.

Everyone Benefits

Not only will all these great contributors benefit from such a change, but too, you, our readers – both loyal and new, will benefit.  Because the site is now a truly neutral space for you to come and read, hopefully learn, and even participate in the discussion, without ever having to feel awkward about that hook sitting there tempting you to bite and become hooked into my own stuff.

But Wait! There’s More!

Okay so when I first announced the change, I introduced you to just a few of the people coming on board.  Since then, I’m overwhelmingly delighted to announce a few more people who have joined the fold – either as regulars or guests in 2011!

  • Virginia Nussey (Industry Op-Ed, Commentary and more…)
  • Cindy Krum (Mobile Marketing)
  • Nichola Stott (SEO Branding, PR, and all around search industry rock star!)

Yes – Three more absolutely stellar people, I believe… and yes, that’s three more women 🙂  I tell ya – those guys out there, they really need to recognize the opportunity here!

But Wait! There’s More!

You’re just going to have to stay tuned, because there’s even more announcements on the horizon – not only regarding other contributors – we’re talking about blog features and services we’ll be providing as well!  Yes, it’s going to be a truly epic 2011 after all!

– Alan

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