2011 Social Media Resolutions

A shiny brand new year is upon us once again.  Time to make plans, set goals, resolve to be better than we were the year before.  Right?  Who wouldn’t want to be a slimmer, fitter, vice-free self?

Who am I kidding, put down the hand weights, grab a Twinkie, and let’s talk about spending more time staring at the computer screen this next year.  Or at least making the most of the time we spend when we do have to sit here.

Actually, I’m excited to take the time to set some professional goals for myself.  Last year was completely amazing, so I can’t wait to take off for new heights in 2011.  So, I had to ask myself, what could I focus my attention on that would make my Social Media life even better?  I came up with a handful of things that will not only help me, but I think will help you, too.

Learn more.

I won’t ask you to admit it out loud, but how many of you are guilty of taking the little you do know and running on instinct for the rest?  In such a fast paced industry as Social Media Marketing, and Internet Marketing in general for that matter, we almost have to go with our gut sometimes.  We are surrounded by creative, innovative people who look as though they are flying by the seat of their pants.

It should come as no big surprise that there are tons of opportunities to LEARN in this industry.  What is amazing is the willingness of all the people I’ve met to share what they know and seek out the ideas and perspectives of others.  Learning opportunities abound, and I personally plan to take advantage of as many opportunities as I can.

Already, I’m reading more.  I picked up several books over the Christmas season that I am devouring.  Some of them are very easy reads, others are going to take me a while to dig through and digest.  But, doubt not that I am stuffing my brain with all kinds of goodness.

The bloggers within this field are amazing, too.  I am constantly asking others who they like to read.  My goal for this year is to set aside designated time every day to keep up with all that’s out there in cyberspace.

Let’s not forget for a moment all the great conferences.  There’s nothing like sitting in a room and absorbing the wealth of knowledge.  I will be doing everything in my power to get to 3 or 4 more this year.

With all the great resources out there, there’s no excuse not to add something new to what you already know.

Share what I’m learning.

I don’t know about you, but I need time to process all of the good stuff I learn.  One of the best ways I’ve found to really assimilate all the new data is to write it down.  That, my friends, is all the excuse I will ever need to up my level of contribution to the conversation.  When I share what I’m learning, as I’m learning it, it sticks with me better.  And if I’m sharing, I will usually get great comments and fresh perspective on the topics I choose to discuss.

So, I will be dedicating more time this new year to keeping my own blog up to date with the latest and greatest.  I will also take advantage of the opportunities to write for other blogs.

How about you?  How will you share what you’ve learned with the world around you in 2011?

Be a more active blogger.

Obviously, writing more blog posts will contribute to this goal.  But I want to be a more active member of the blogging community.  I plan to make it a point not only to read and write more, but to actively comment and engage with other bloggers.  I’m not writing for TV, magazines, or newspapers.  Blogging is social.  It’s a conversation, and I want to be an active part and not just skulk around in the shadows.

Maybe you aren’t as comfortable writing blog articles, yet, but you could take the extra moment to comment on the posts that really sparked some ideas for you.  Make the effort to click a Facebook or twitter button and share the blog posts that you’re enjoying with your network of friends and colleges.

Try a few more networks.

I’ve become so enamored of the networks that I really connect on that I’ve lost sight of all the Social goodness still to experience out there.  This is the year to try some new things, build a few more profiles, and make some new friends.  Who knows, I might discover just the right solution to someone’s unique Social Media needs.

Are you really comfortable with Linked-In and Facebook, but still not so sure about Twitter?  This might just be the year to jump into the stream and see what everyone else has been chirping about.

Reach out to others.

If I’m going to learn and share and grow, I want to be sure that I’m taking others along on the journey.  I want to connect and learn from all of the super-smart people around me, so I’m not going to hesitate to reach out to them with my questions.  I also want to help others.  I’m going to make a greater effort to reach out to people who need tips, hints, and answers about how Social Media can benefit them.

Hopefully my handful of resolutions have triggered some ideas for you.  Let’s make 2011 a spectacular year together!

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