Win an iPad Win a Kindle: The great Internet Marketing Giveaway of 2011

UPDATE April 16th, 2011

The contest is now officially closed! Stay tuned for an announcement about who won.  Thank you all for making it a huge success!


Are you envious of all the people who win prizes yet you never do?  Would you like to own an iPad or an Amazon Kindle?  Do you enjoy reading great books and articles from some of the best minds in the Search Industry?  Well here’s your chance to win an iPad, win a Kindle, or one of fifteen other great prizes!

We recently announced that 2011 is going to see epic changes here at Search Marketing Wisdom, and wrote again with more great news.  We’ve got ten new authors all committed to contributing articles – either as guest authors or regular columnists in 2011, we’ve got lots of great new stuff to tell you about in the coming weeks, and even more amazing changes in the works…

Already, just in the first week of the new year, two of our newest authors, Dana Lookadoo and Michelle Stinson Ross have posted their first SMW articles. Michelle wrote about her excellent (and dare we say “wise”?) 2011 Social Media Resolutions, and  Dana reminded us that if you want to be an SEO Ninja, it requires training!

Win an iPad WiFi 3G 32GB So in celebration of Search Marketing Wisdom’s epic transformation in 2011 into a more diverse, dynamic and informative place to learn about and discuss all things related to Internet Marketing, we’re putting on our first ever subscriber giveaway, with some amazing prizes!

Seventeen Amazing Prizes:

That’s right – not one prize, nor two or even five – but seventeen!  OMG If that isn’t epic, I don’t know what is!  And they’re not just any prizes either.  Nope! We’re not talking about some cheezy dime-store junk here people. We’re talking about some awesome stuff – truly amazing prizes!

What’s So Amazing About Those?

Sure – you’re thinking – I’ve seen a dozen iPad giveaways, countless Kindle giveaways.  And by now you probably have.  Except you need to put this in context.  At Search Marketing Wisdom, we may now be the up-and-coming best ever Internet Marketing blog on earth – except we’re still in the very first stage of our growth, with ZERO funding, ZERO advertisers, ZERO financial backing of any kind!

That’s right – we’re operating on a shoe-string here, people.  So when you think about it THAT way, try to tell us THAT isn’t an amazing thing!   That’s over $1300 worth of prizes based on current retail value!

So What Do I Have To Do?

Okay – we’re going to give you FOUR chances to win.  Yes – that’s right – for each step you take, you get another chance to win!

So here are the four ways you can enter – each way gets you ONE entry.

1.  Subscribe to the Search Marketing Wisdom blog by email (fill out the form in the upper right sidebar)

2.  Tweet the following: (click on the tweet to automatically send this to your twitter stream)

I just entered the @SrchMktgWisdom great Internet Marketing Giveaway of 2011

3.  Follow @SrchMktgWisdom on Twitter

4.  Become a fan of Search Marketing Wisdom on Facebook

That’s it.  That’s all you have to do!  Any single way gets you one entry – the more ways you go, the more chances you have to win!

But Why So Much?

Why go through all that footwork?  Because we want to you to show our authors that you are as excited to read their articles here as they are to be writing them for you!  And we want you to be connected with us so that you can stay informed as we roll out everything we’ve got in the works.  Believe us – you WON’T want to miss out on hearing what’s on the horizon!

Even better News

Even  better – if you’re already a subscriber by email, or you already follow us on Twitter, or you’ve already “Liked” us on Facebook, that step is already done – you simply need to complete the rest of the steps! 

So? What are you waiting for?  Get to it.  Subscribe, Follow, Like, Comment!!!   And be sure to let everyone you know about this awesome opportunity – share the excitement!  it’s going to be an Epic year!


Bonus Chance!

This is a BONUS chance only – you have to have taken at least one of the four “official” steps described above…

If you want a bonus chance to win, leave a comment here letting us know what you think of this contest as a way to celebrate all our great new authors coming in 2011.


Terms and Conditions

UPDATE 1/7/2011 – In addition to U.S., U.K., and Canada, we’ve opened the contest up to residents of Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Israel as requested by readers!

Yeah – we have to have this here…  We just want to say “blah blah blah”, but uh, if that’s all we said, somebody would probably try to sue us for some loophole…  SO here goes – contestants must be 18 or older at the time of the drawing(s).  The contest runs through April 15th, 2011 yeah – that’s a long time – but hey – we want as many people as possible to have a chance to win.  And uh, we have to save up our quarters and nickels if we expect to actually PAY for all these prizes, okay?

All qualifications must be met prior to 00:01AM Pacific on April 16th, 2011 and you can not unsubscribe or unfollow or un-like us during the running of this contest or until all prizes have been awarded if you wish to remain eligible.  Contest open to all U.S., Canadian, and U.K. citizens, except as prohibited by law.  Taxes on prizes awarded are the sole responsibility of winners.

You must be a human- bots that retweet, like, follow or comment are not eligible. Real humans who perform actions similar to bots will also not be eligible.

Winners will be randomly selected from all participants on April 17th, 2011.  A list of winners will be published here at no later than 7 days after drawing. Only one prize per winner.  Rules and prizes subject to change based upon legal requirements or availability of prizes at the time of winner selection.  Any change made will be published at

If you are a winner and your name is listed here, we will attempt to reach you by the method of contact you have provided (email address, Twitter account, or Facebook).  If we can not reach you by that method, it is your responsibility to contact us and let us know how to get hold of you.  Prizes must be claimed by December 31, 2011.

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  1. Khaled says:

    You guys rock! You are proving your search engine marketing wisdom!

  2. Nan Bixby says:

    Great way to celebrate the new authors! Good luck to all.

  3. Quite the lineup you’ve put together. Looking forward to some great reading.

  4. SAM MOYER says:

    PLEASE, I really need to win something. Thanks!

  5. April Nantz says:

    Signed up via email.

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    Following on Twitter. (Nantz24)

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    Like you on Facebook.

  8. April Nantz says:

    I think this is a FABULOUS giveaway! Giving away an iPad or Kindle would definitely help to increase people’s desire to read. It’s sad that so few people read these days but I think this technology has changed that and will continue to do so. Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Debbie K. says:

    Wow! What a great way to get these new authors into the hands of readers everywhere. The Kindle and iPad are the hottest selling items out there right now! Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  10. Alan,

    We have really enjoyed all of your posts, especially the 4 part SEO audit on SEJ. You have indepth how to but also include the “whys” or reasons for doing what you do. We’re putting together an new site audit guide- hope it can be 1/10th as good as what you do.

    P.S.- following on Twitter- hope we get the ipad! ; )

  11. blessedta says:

    Pick me please!

  12. Jennifer Sun says:

    Great way to get people more involved and to be able to access your site more easily. Not only does it highlight the authors, it increases awareness of the website and gets people excited! Great buzz!

  13. Jennifer says:

    I think that a great way to get peoples attention is to give them what they want. Also using words like Epic are enough to catch peoples attention and leave them wanting more. I know I want more.

  14. Kati says:

    This is pretty awesome! Thanks so much for the opportunity! :)
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  15. Taking a moment to tell you that I think its awesome that you are getting authors out there like that when it seems so virtually impossible to be heard at times even with the social media being what it is today. The competition is fierce.


  16. Deb says:

    Well done guys, very wise marketing, you have my attention, look forward to an epic 2011.

  17. Melissa K says:

    Great giveaway!
    Its also a great way to get the authors out there into the worlds eye!

  18. Danielle says:

    What a great way to show appreciation for your writers! As a writer myself, it’s always nice to see a company treat its writers with respect and admiration – sadly many companies and individuals alike fail in this manner.

  19. Mommy3G says:

    So exciting! Thanks for the opportunity :o)

  20. Amanda Gorton says:

    Word of mouth marketing is the most contagious way to bring some notoriety to the new authors!

  21. Sandi says:

    I saw the link to this article on Twitter (tweeted by @aknecht), and if all of your articles are as humorous and informative as this one, Dana Lookadoo’s and Michelle Stinson Ross’s, I will definitely be coming back. Thanks for the opportunity to win a prize as well!
    Sandi´s last blog ..Tuesday Training Tip- Waiting at DoorsMy ComLuv Profile

  22. Maria S. says:

    This contest is amazing and a great way to start 2011! :)

  23. Justin L says:

    What a fantastic way to get these authors some exposure. Thanks for the great opportunity.

  24. Brodie says:

    What do I think of this contest? Uh…. flipping amazing!! Thanks so much for including international folk. I would LOVE to win, obviously. Hope it brings tons more people to your site :)

  25. Claire says:

    Wow this looks great!

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    This contest is great, especially if I win the ipad or kindle! :-)

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    Don’t mean to sound maudlin, but we had no Christms because husband was in hospital with cancer. What a GREAT late Christmas present this prize would make.

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    Love to have a great contest to look forward to. It’s a good way to start 2011 and I’m happy I found you!

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  31. Pamela says:

    I love how excited you are about the giveaway!

  32. Rin says:

    Wow, what a generous offer! I’ll check out the articles.


  33. jane mccarthy says:

    This is a new contest and I would love to win a kindle.

  34. Great way to drive traffic to your site from all directions! I really would like an ipad so I’m participating. Liking, tweeting, etc. Hey, could you return the favor? Thanks!
    Martha Giffen´s last blog ..To Blog Or Not To BlogMy ComLuv Profile

  35. Joceline says:

    You guys really did a cool thing!
    One stone hits 4 birds – you get an awesome product that fits demand for online savvy people, welcomes potential readers to do all necessary steps to win, but in a way, shows your wisdom in marketing tactics of getting socialized, and best of all, winner gets an ipad which able to follow up with Search Marketing Wisdom’s articles anytime, anywhere, on the go thereafter! Way cool!

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    Thank you so much!!

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    rankings will just get higher!

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    The new authors sound great! Thank you for the contest!

  45. Deepa says:

    This is a great giveaway – I originally stumbled upon your site while trying to find some information on SEO for my boss, and then ended up on the page of this giveaway.
    Its great that you have new authors to contribute content – I hope they achieve success!

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    THIS IS AWESOME. Thank you so much for the contest! You guys rock.

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    Great way to celebrate new writers!

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    Great contest, love it! I can haz free stuffs? :)

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    So excited about this, can’t wait.

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    I would love to win a Kindle! This is awesome!

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    ….an iPad giveaway to draw attention to your library of authors….GENIUS!

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    Awesome giveaway!! Have tweeted and followed (@oozzle) and have subscribed and become a fan!! Oh and now i’m commenting.. :-D

  54. Trudy says:

    OoOOOOoooh i wanna win!

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    The contest is a great idea.
    Unfortunately, I am not a NitTwit.

  56. barbarabaker says:

    I’m learning so much from your articles and have always enjoyed your site!

    Thanks for the giveaway. I’ve liked, tweeted, followed, and now–commented for a chance to win! These are amazing prizes and I want in :)

    Happy Sunday!!!
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    i really really want a ipad.i asked santa but not this year…and when i see the ipad on oprah favorite things and how excited she gets i really want to win!!!!

    please pick me!

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    I really would love to win!! :) please ive always wanted one!

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    I am bitterly disappointed I didn’t win the iPad given away at the last Raven Hunt so your idea must be pretty good, because I took all 4 chances and then saw this bonus chance. I’m gonna win suckas!! :P

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    exciting news! i’d very much like to win the prize!!“:D

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    This is a great contest. Basing a contest on marketing alone is a great way to bring in new people to read your articles. Thanks.

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    just getting people to read the blogs should help greatly increase the chance of new authors getting known, especially drawing them in with this contest… who wouldn’t want to win a free ipad or kindle :)

  64. I really love the idea behind this contest. thanks so much for doing it. I’ve tweeted about it several times, subscribed, commented, and liked you. Like me back with an ipad, okay?

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    Awesome contest. :D Obviously, I’d very much like it if I won a prize, since I usually NEVER win anything in contests.

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    amazing idea and cool prize!! i wish i could win the prize“` ;)

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    You guys are awesome! This contest is simply the best!

  68. Keri Michelle says:

    I think the kindle is fantastic. It brings literacy to those on the go. It’s great for commuters and people who don’t have a lot of space to keep books. I really want to win one. This contest is great, with a kindle I’d be more apt to purchase and read things I normally wouldn’t. Making books digital lowers the price so an avid reader, such as myself, no longer has spend so much money on books.

  69. Chris says:

    It’s certainly proven that ‘win an ipad’ and ‘win a kindle’ are the hot search topics on the net currently.

  70. Rachel Munyon says:

    Awesome giveaway!!!

  71. rainy says:

    like on facebook, following you on twitter:)it’s a great opportunity to may win an ipad, and this is a very good way to improve and encourage reading thank you:)

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    Great competition! I’d never have known about this website, so great way to publicise :)

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    Great marketing idea ;)

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    What a great way to do this!

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