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Recently I made the trek to the Great White North to attend and share my thoughts at MediaBistro’s Socialize Conference in Toronto, Ontario. If you have ever wanted to soak up some serious social media wisdom from the best minds in the business but find the huge conferences a little off-putting, then Socialize may be just the conference for you. I was so excited to be able to share how one of my clients, a
Houston signs company had climbed the social media ladder.  The conference draws the same top shelf speakers you would find at, say PubCon, but presents them in a smaller, intimate venue that makes such thought leaders easily accessible.

The first, most obvious Types of influencers campaign is having influencers share content related to your brand on their channels. The type of content your influencers share can range anywhere from written content, to images or videos.

Just as the snowflakes began to swirl through the streets of Toronto, savvy marketers gathered at the St. Andrews Club to take their social media game up a notch.  Following is a sampling of some of the best moments in 140 characters or less.

Opening Keynote: Past, Present, and Future: Measuring Social Media’s Impact by Alan K’necht

  • Social Media: Informal Social gathering / a Medium of cultivation; agency of doing something
  •  It’s always been about the words, the tools have changed.
  • Social marketing is still about the relationships
  • Social marketing is a FIRE: it draws people together
  • Users measure impact on a very personal level. What are you doing to impact people on a personal level?
  • Gutenberg’s Printing Press was a catalyst to French Revolution; Same as Arab Spring on Twitter
  • Printing press spurred literacy, social engagement, and revolution
  • Measure, but measure the RIGHT things. It’s not just about the biggest fire
  • How do you measure the success of your Social Media Fire? 3 things required Fuel, Oxygen, Heat
  • Fuel: Followers, fans, Contacts, Headcount <– meaningless numbers — must be tied to success metrics
  • Oxygen: Your content; does it motivate people? does it generate heat?
  • Add oxygen to the fire with quality content. Test and measure that too
  • Heat: Content in Action; measure: likes/shares, comments, RTs, G+, etc…
  • Heat it up by tracking the engagement with your community
  • Balance: right mix of fuel, oxygen and heat. w/o balance Explosion, Forrest fire…
  • All of this tracking of heads, content, engagement will lead you to the optimum mix for Social Media Impact

Establishing a Corporate Social Infrastructure by Sam Fiorella

  • Social media goals are not aligned to PROFIT and therefore cannot be measured adequately
  • need to look at the lifecycle of the relationship within social media
  • Goals must be aligned internally between Departmental Goals, Corporate Goals all focused on PROFIT
  • So many companies are in utter chaos when it comes to social goals
  • Metrics are not the same as Goals. Do not confuse the two.
  • First Corporate problem is identifying Goals that are Directly PROFIT related, Metrics tied to profit
  • Can you model the life cycle of a customer interaction? That’s the key to getting to ROI
  • Meaningful Business Metrics: Life Cycle = Awareness to Nurturing to Desire; then Conversion then Retention!
  • Take Away: Tie all Metrics to PROFIT; measure over Life Cycles

Creatively Social: Breaking Out of the Ordinary by Ric Dragon

  • Not all social marketing projects are created equal
  • Brand Maintenance; Reputations & Crisis; Community Building; and Influence are examples of projects
  • Common elements of the Successful Creative campaign is: 1) have Fun 2) Unexpectedness 3) Participatory; 4) Cross-Media or Trans-Media
  • Shift is from One way storytelling to Dynamic storytelling
  • Brainstorming was a Marketing Invention; use it to unstick your team, do role playing, open it up!

Facebook Advertising for Results and ROI – Panel Discussion

  • With FB ads, there’s a valuable opportunity to target by demographics – take advantage instead of blasting out ads.
  • If you do not know who your customer is DO NOT do Facebook Ads
  • Not using Social Media to engage consumers is a mistake, even for businesses afraid of negative feedback!
  • Facebook is just one channel, use a variety of Tactics, different landing Pages, TRACK IT ALL for ROI
  • Do not do Facebook or other Social IF you’re not going to be “Social” / forget broadcasting….
  • Does Facebook work for B2B? Short Answer NO, use Linkedin instead

New Insights on Using Google+ to Rank Better – Panel Discussion

  • Google Plus is NOT just a social network, it’s a Social Layer. It’s the potential behind it.
  • G+ is google’s equalizer for content quality in search
  • Brands: get on google+ early to get more content indexed
  • G+ Has the potential to develop a different class in the social media arena
  • Google+ is not just another social network It’s going to be a way to socially serve up content from other google products
  • Google+ is like a baby. It hasn’t even started speaking let alone established it’s own identity.
  • Search integration of G+ has the potential to affect the need for huge critical mass. Changes the rules for gaining Internet momentum

The Power of Twitter Chats – Panel Discussion

  • The Directory of Twitter Chats – 589 strong
  • Most businesses don’t realize the impact & business value of twitter chats
  • all panelists have been guests on #SocialChat Want the ROI of Chats – you’re looking at it.
  • Use it to learn how Twitter works; get your own thought leadership out there
  • to be successful with a Twitter Chat you have to engage with passion
  • Find a topic that matters enough to your audience that they will want to spend an hour with you.
  • Success breeds success; they can now “cold tweet” bloggers who see stream and want in

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