And in the Blink of an Eye, The World is Different

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Where does someone begin, when it comes to sharing the chronicles of life’s changes? I’ve written about my life’s changes a number of times before, yet each time a transition happens, the emotion of it can be intense…

The past few days have been a near non-stop flow of new, and different, and miracles and hopes and fear and faith and not-knowing and knowing…

A 12 Month Adventure

I moved exactly one year ago, from my safe and comfortable life as a consultant in the SEO arena, to take on the role of Director of Search Services at Click2Rank consulting.  That move came as a result of having met Christine Gibbs during the #EpicDinner I put on for SMX Advanced and instantly knowing, that night, that she was to become my next life’s mentor.

A Connection Meant to Be

The fact that I so effortlessly and totally became devoted as a core mission in my life to be of service to Christine, is itself an amazing notion.  That I was then able to have the privilege and honor and gift of working closely with her and learning from her at the highest levels of business leadership, philanthropy, and life, and in the process was brought closer to God than I’ve ever been was nothing short of a miracle.

Personal Growth

Over the course of this past year, I have discovered that my wildest hearts desire to grow and evolve in business, relationships, and service to others were not even close to what the outcome reality would become as far as getting to a next level of presence, caring, passion, loyalty, integrity and humility.

And because of this, and so much more, I am and will forever be, in Christine’s debt.

The Path Takes A New Turn

As the bible verse says, to everything there is a season.

And my season at Christine’s side, in the form that unfolded on this latest leg of my life’s journey has now come to an end.

I will deeply and dearly miss being bathed in God’s light as it shines through Christine in the physical world.  Oh how the tears have poured many times these past few days over that fact alone.

We have built a true and sincere friendship I get to cherish for life.  And we’ve already briefly talked about future opportunities to work together in some capacity.

And then I told her that if/when that day comes, to give me a call, and if circumstances allow, I’d return to serve at her side in business, in a heartbeat.  She’s also going to continue as my mentor.  Which itself means the world to me.  Because a true life mentor is rare to find indeed.

For now though, it’s time to move to my own next level. My own next steps in this blessed journey of a life.

Pride in Our Accomplishments

I also need to speak about how proud I am of the work my team produced this past year.  We achieved so many great things in a best practices process across the board.  And too, most of all, Josh Titsworth proved to be an asset beyond any I could have hoped for in a project manager.

Without Josh, I would have stabbed myself in the eye. Repeatedly. Many times.  Without Josh actually coordinating the efforts of the rest of our team, I would not have been able to focus on the bigger picture nearly as much as I needed to.

And without Josh, I would have not had a team member to mentor – his willingness, passion and ability to always want to learn more consistently led to his own critical thinking come to light and every time that light-bulb went off in his brain, it brought me great joy.

But most of all, with Josh, I will miss a great friend as well.  Though it took him a couple months to figure out my unique quirks, and the unique signals to look for in discerning when Alan was just frustrated at life, or Alan was on the warpath over something or another, he did eventually figure it out.

And when he did, he took it on his own initiative to begin the practice of coming to me and asking if I needed to go for a cigarette (his way of helping me to get out of the office and out of my own head). So every time he asked me that, I instantly knew to pause, and walk outside with him, just so I could vent to someone who had my back in life and in our work.

It was a priceless and invaluable part of how our team evolved into greatness. And saved a lot of medical expenses related to self-inflicted eye injuries.

Outpouring of Support

When I began reaching out to my closest industry friends a few days ago with news that I was moving on, news spread like wildfire and the volume of support, well wishes, and offers of willingness for people to do anything they can to help was epic.

Already in just a few days, I’ve had a few tentative job offers, a couple “let’s start an agency” offers, and several agencies wanting to know if I’m back to offering site audits.  I’ve even already signed contract to perform a direct client audit, and other proposals have also already gone out to people who jumped on the chance to avail me of these services.

Audits Here.  Get your SEO Audits! 

While it’s all coming at light-speed, there’s still so much to be revealed, to be clarified, to be determined.  Yet I do know this.

I am now once again offering world class audits, as well as related consulting services directly to clients and also as a white-label service to agencies.  (Ping me for details!)

I am also still considering and having dialogue with several industry people about jobs and partnerships.

The Call of The Palm Trees

As has been the case many times over the course of the past 19 years (since the first time I visited California), my heart has once again called me back to the golden State I have always (since that first visit) called home.

I need the palm trees.  The more than five months of consecutive pure sunshine every year with not a day’s rain in that stretch.  The warmth cascading down on my face.  The beauty of the California Pacific Ocean shores.

I have no idea of the “exact” timing, other than to say it’s going to happen very soon.

And while I finally believe I will land in Santa Monica, a place my heart has been calling me to for several years, I don’t know whether I will go directly there, (and where my dearest life friend/Scrabble nemesis also now lives); or perhaps make a short pit-stop of a couple months back in the bay area, where several of my friends, my sister and my Godson live.

Appreciation for this Industry

I’ve said it countless times.  It needs to be said once again.  We work in a truly amazing industry.  Not just for the opportunities that abound.  More for the community that has grown from within.

To know that wherever I take my feet, I’ve got the overwhelming support of so many people, the shared understanding of life from our industry’s unique perspective, and the common ground desire to continually seek out new and greater experiences means more than I can put to words.

So I look forward to my future, brighter than ever before.  And I thank each and every one of you who have been there for me and continue to be there for me.  Because without you, I would be nothing.




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  1. Tim Biden says:


    I pray God’s greatest blessings upon your new direction and I wish you the best in everything you do.

  2. DennisG says:

    All the best Alan,
    If I have startups in need for a site audit, I know where to find you!


    • Alan, as George encouraged you with “Onwards and upwards,” it’s evident that opportunities abound. You have many options in your “onwards,” and I’m sure you’ll choose the right path as you look “upwards!”

      I must say that from reading your post, I too, would salivate to have the opportunity to work with Christine and Josh. What a cherished year that has obviously resulted in tremendous growth with such incredible people. I’m sure there was a purpose to your season as you are preparing for your next.

  3. Rob Woods says:

    Congrats Alan! It’s always great to see someone with the courage to act according to their heart rather than out of fear of losing what you have. I’d wish you good luck but I know you won’t need it.

  4. Dawn Scribner says:

    Dusting off the scrabble board…get down here!!

  5. Congrats Alan! BTW you may want to talk to someone about that eye-stabbing impulse. Then again, SEO audits usually require only one good eye.

  6. Doc Sheldon says:

    The only constant is change, Alan. Whether the change is a pothole or an opportunity is entirely up to us.

    I hope you make it to Santa Monica soon. A little pricey, perhaps, but worth it, IMO. And good Scrabble opponents are hard to come by… mustn’t let that slip away.

    Looking forward to hearing where you next hang your hat!

  7. Alan, I wish you a life overflowing with blessings, and I hope that we will get a chance to collaborate very soon too.

  8. This was a great post – and I am sure it was therapeutic for you as well! When you venture back to CA, I expect a phone call and another phenomenal lunch or dinner :)

  9. Alan
    While I’m not a religious person, I believe you create your own luck but… you’re well connected, well liked, and well equipped to move forward. Keep being social and doing great work and you’ll be fine.
    Just remember… Goonies never say die.
    Rock on sir

    – sent from iPhone somewhere on the I-10 between LA and Phoenix

  10. Tania Rodrigues says:

    Excellent work young Skywalker!
    Bring the rantings south where the search engines are pulling you!
    Beaches need optization too, y’know?

  11. Thanks to everyone for such great encouragement, well wishes and support!

  12. Good luck – won’t be much of a change for me since I still expect daily rants about asshats! ;) You bringing the kitty with you?

    • I’m going to do all I can to ensure i can bring her, Christa. Depending on how fast the move happens, I may need to bring her and check her into a kitty hotel if my initial residence doesn’t allow cats. Not sure how that would work out though. Praying on guidance.

      And once I land, I swear, I’m going to need to get you and John, and your “deck of cards” out to visit. I owe you still for not getting up to Seattle when you were in town. :-)

  13. Dirk Tolken says:

    Good luck with the move Alan. Change is never easy, but it’s always refreshing. And the ocean’s a good place to be. Get a longboard and learn to surf ol’ seadog!

  14. Jey says:

    Best of wishes Alan. Always gotta follow the heart. I’m happy to hear that Christine will stay on as your mentor.

    Let me know if you’d like to come to NYC instead :)

  15. Christine Gibbs says:

    Alan – I miss you already!! You have climbed a mountain the last 12 months and overcome obstacles that often felt impossible. You are moving forward with a #WIN. The next chapter of your life is going to be incredible. One of the things I admire most about you is how you adjust to changing times but still hold to unchanging principles. Go get those palm trees. :-)

    • After another night of 2 hours sleep, and now the cumulative impact of so much coming so fast, I thought I was empty emotionally today. Until I read your comments Christine. How is it that your words touch me so deeply? So completely? And will these tears, mixed of both sad and happy, ever subside?

  16. gareth says:

    WOW! Just wow!

    I can understand your desire for a warmer climate and probably the California is a good place to stay :)

    As long as i have known you, i’ve never seen you use such kind words to anybody. Due to your military background i suppose you’ve found both an inspired leader (christine) and a bunch of brothers in arms (Josh and the rest of the squad).

    Now soldier, try to get some sleep! A new mission awaits you!

  17. Tbs says:

    All the best for your new direction Alan. I would like to read some insights on seo from you.

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