About Search Marketing Wisdom

Search Marketing Wisdom grew out of a desire to share knowledge and insights related to what has to be one of the most dynamic, constantly evolving, and quite often misunderstood industries of the 21st Century.

Originally the primary blogging platform of our founder, Alan Bleiweiss, 2011 will see a sea-change mentality – the introduction of guest authors and regular columnists – people chosen for their shared passion to help those who don’t necessarily have the depth of experience in our industry as well as business owners who just want to get a better grasp of marketing in the 21st Century.




ALAN BLEIWEISS – SEO Forensics Consultant, Public Speaker

Alan BleiweissAs the founder of Search Marketing Wisdom, Alan has 16 years Internet Marketing experience (Alan’s first web marketing project began in January 1995), and over 25 years of business marketing and management experience.  With this combination of experience, he brings a unique understanding to the search marketing industry.

Alan’s current area of focus is all things related to on-site search engine optimization forensics, with an emphasis on conducting high level SEO and Conversion Optimization audits on sites containing millions of pages…

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ANGIE NIKOLEYCHUK – Copywriter, Consultant, Strategist

Angie NikoleychukAngie Nikoleychuk is a copywriter, consultant, and strategist at Angie’s Copywriting. She has an unbridled passion for search, marketing, business, branding, and all things Internet, which she uses to take copywriting to a whole new level. When not talking copy, you can usually find her satisfying her information addiction or chatting on Twitter.

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DANA LOOKADOO – SEO Consultant, Blog Contributor

Dana LookadooDana Lookadoo is a search marketer who works with select clients, often as an in-house SEO consultant and trainer to help companies plan and develop their search engagement efforts. The slogan for Dana’s agency, Yo! Yo! SEO, is “Word-of-Mouth SEO.”

She focuses on helping organizations attain visibility by optimizing their website and online conversations for search engines, social media, and audience engagement. She entered the Internet field in 1996, because it provided the ideal confluence for her passions of technology, writing and people.

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MICHELLE STINSON ROSSSocial Media Consultant, Public Speaker, Author

Michelle Stinson Ross “Relationship building is the key difference between social media marketing and more traditional marketing forms.  Social media is personal.”

Founded on a lifelong passion for communication and fortified with a Degree in Business Communications from the University of Central Oklahoma in 1997, Michelle facilitates business communications solutions for small and mid-size business clients across several industries.

Her primary emphasis is on empowering clients so they can become self-sufficient in their efforts to achieve success.  Whether the subject is internal corporate communications, marketing, or more recently, social networking, Michelle has the passion, talent and expertise to get the job done.

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Selena NarayanasamySocial Media Professional

Selena Narayanasamy is the Director of Social Media Outreach with BlueGlass Interactive- analyzing and crafting impacting social media strategies using relevant channels for brands in both the short term and long term. She’s torn between the right side her brain, and the left, and brings sound suggestions to the table in terms of business and finance, as well as creative input and vision for any campaign. She’s also a blogger and social media junkie that thrives on caffeine. You can find her nonsense on Twitter or her personal sites.

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