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Selena can be summed up with: caffeine, gadgets, adrenaline, social media and blogging. She also has an obsession for buying domain names and building out websites and Tumblrs.

She believes that social media has the power to change the world.

Early Adopter & Emerging Technologies

Selena has been (and always will be) and early adopter- looking to find the best and smartest ways to leverage social networks and emerging technologies for business and personal brand building- from Twitter to Tumblr.

With that said, she’s also been tracking the changes in social networks throughout the years and molding and adapting as the industry changes.


Selena has a degree in Marketing, as well as a degree in Business and Finance (focusing on investments and financial derivatives)- along with certificates in Business Management, Business Operations and as a Business Specialist. She’s also led a team in building and presenting a business plan and strategy from start to finish, including financial and investment projections as well as worked with non-profits to expand their business presence online through social networks and blogging.

She has a well-rounded and educated view as to how companies and brands tick from the inside out- from business to social strategies.


In 2007 she started to venture into the world of personal brand building with Esvienne- experimenting with both old and new marketing techniques- as well as consulting with others to plan the best strategy to build their personal or small business brands. She also spent tons of time stalking brands with social media monitoring tools and watching for trends. She then became lucky enough to turn this into a career.

Previously with Search & Social, Selena was a SEO/Social Media analyst. She was responsible for project managing client campaigns and gaining exposure for clients through the use of paid and organic link building/search efforts, social media marketing, guest blogging and outreach.

She is currently the Director of Social Media Outreach with BlueGlass Interactive and works with both the viral marketing team & social media strategists to plan and execute client campaigns.


  • Website planning and usability
  • Facebook page consulting, build-out and maintenance
  • Copywriting for both branding and SEO purposes
  • Integrating traditional marketing with emerging marketing tactics
  • Social media consulting for small businesses
  • Social media engagement & increasing brand visibility
  • Targeted and new demographic research

She is also a guest contributor for an extensive amount of blogs, including Search Engine Journal. It would take forever to list where she’s been so it’s probably just best to Google her.

Connecting with Selena

Twitter: @SelenaVidya