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Social Networking For Business

Social networking sites such as FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter offer great opportunities to connect with other like-minded people. Then there’s blogs, discussion forums… Not all such sites and solutions are equal when it comes to business or community related connections. And there’s best practices that needs to be applied to be successful at it.

Five Link Building Strategies For SEO

Most search engine optimization and Internet marketing people will tell you that building links back to your site from other sites is now one of, if not THE most important thing you can do for your site’s organic listing success. Personally, I feel that a site that itself is not properly optimized using best practices rules is not really going to serve your needs in the long run, and I consistently get great results for my clients in the organic listings with little or no back-links when I am brought in.

Yet in the long run, and in highly competitive fields, back-links are very important. If two sites are optimized identically within each site, the one that has the most high quality back-links will show up higher in the search engine results pages…

8 key points to success with email mailing lists and lead generation campaigns

So you want to start a mailing list – or you have one already but you’ve just been guessing as to what works best. Here’s eight key points to successful use of email mailing lists and lead generation through email campaigns

Featured Guest on Business Radio

Of course, I came up with more than a dozen SEO questions the Nance might choose from, in addition to any she might have already had, and that was just scratching the surface. hahaha. Oh well – we focused on enough of them to not only fill that initial 20 minutes, but the segment of the show I was on actually went into an additional session. So with commercials, the entire piece ran just under 45 minutes.

Being quoted in an upcoming eBook on online marketing

It only makes sense that I would want to have my views, which I happen (oddly enough) to consider helpful to small business owners, shared in any way possible. The more people I might help, the more joy I receive. And surely it can’t hurt to have a reference about my business knowledge circulating out in the world – can it? After all, isn’t that part of PR? And doing it through an online path is therefore online marketing also.

Bulk Email Marketing Tips – The most cost effective Mass Mailing Solutions

Sending out email to thousands, tens or even hundreds of thousands of recipients can be a very effective way to get new business, keep existing clients thinking about you, and bringing repeat business back. Before you can even consider what your mailing should say or look like, what offer(s) you want to make to recipients, […]