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Slide Deck & Notes from My SMX Advanced Google Survivor Preso

I had the privilege to participate as a panelist on the Google Survivor Tips panel during SMX Advanced in Seattle this year.  The presentation was centered around how to address the fact that your site is vulnerable to the Google roller coaster – most recently of course, as seen in the Panda Updates. I also […]

The Bogus Call to Arms Against

Update (3 hours after initial post) Manu Sporny, W3C’s Chair of the RDFa group, read this article and provides a great response in the comment thread, to which I responded. So be sure to read the comments after reading the article. 🙂 ________________________________________________ In an ideal world of “everything is free”, crowd-sourcing, and W3C standards, […]

Come Hear Me Speak on the Google Survival Tips Panel @ SMX Advanced

If your site was negatively impacted by the Google Panda/Farmer update, or if you’re concerned that your site will be next as Google works to clean up their index, or if you just want to know how you can just focus on your business and not even care if Google goes down in flames, you’ll […]

Microformat Reference Guide for SEO and Developers

With the latest radical change to Google’s listings, which has made some people very unhappy and convinces others that Google cares about Local, Google pushes Place Pages to a higher level of importance. As far as I’m concerned, first and foremost, it’s their way of forcing more companies to get Place pages, so that millions […]

Six Rules for Custom eCommerce SEO

Often we as SEO professionals need to work with developers who create eCommerce web sites using their own proprietary solutions rather than an off-the-shelf product. When this happens, it’s up to us to work with the developers to ensure that proper SEO functionality is implemented. When I am working with a developer for the first time, I use the following rules and techniques as my ideal. Every aspect of these rules that can be applied, or adapted as necessary based on technical or budgetary limitations, adds one more SEO element to the online catalog system.