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JC Penney has a bigger problem than paid links

UPDATE 2/14/2011 Yesterday I wrote an email to Darcie Brossart, the official spokesperson who was referred to in the original NYT article on the JCPenney link fiasco, inviting her to read my article.  She sent me an email this morning in response, with a bit of insight into the JCP SEO currently in place as […]

Black Magic SEO

Yes, I titled this post “Black Magic SEO”, not “Black Hat SEO”.  Because even black hat SEO shouldn’t be sullied by the likes of “techniques” and “methods” that I for one hope to one day see be completely eradicated from the face of the SEO community. I’m talking about ways people come up with that […]

“Learning” On The Job – SEO Ninja Training

SEO is like Karate. It’s a martial art. Serious SEO ninjas never stop training. No matter what stage of experience you are in SEO – white belt, brown belt, black belt or Sensei, you’d better be reading, researching, testing, and “learning on the job” regularly!

Microformat Reference Guide for SEO and Developers

With the latest radical change to Google’s listings, which has made some people very unhappy and convinces others that Google cares about Local, Google pushes Place Pages to a higher level of importance. As far as I’m concerned, first and foremost, it’s their way of forcing more companies to get Place pages, so that millions […]

Meta Descriptions Now Count for SEO says Google?

Alex Bennert (SEOSylph) tweeted a link this evening to an article by Sean Michael Kerner at Small Business Computing from today covering the SES Toronto keynote by Maile Ohye, senior developer programs engineer at Google.  According to the Article, Ohye said that Meta Descriptions are now once again factored into the relevance of a page.  […]

My SMX Advanced Liveblogging Index

Okay so many of you know already that Dana Lookadoo, Gil Reich, and I pitched in to help Susan Esparza with liveblogging of SMX Advanced earlier in the week. But since my contributions are all spread out, I figured I’d provide a consolidated post that provides links to each of the individual session articles. And […]

You & A with Matt Cutts – SMX Advanced

As this session was the most anticipated during day one of SMX Advanced, and Susan Esparza wasn’t going to miss it for anything in the world, she liveblogged this for the Bruce Clay blog.  Personally, I just wanted an excuse to sit up front after rushing downstairs from my liveblogging of the “Demystifying Online Attribution” […]

So You Want To Test SEO?

This is a liveblogging post of the “So You Want to Test SEO?” session from SMX Advanced that I’d done originally for the Bruce Clay blog, however at the time I wasn’t aware that one was also being written by Gil Reich, and that his was the one they ended up going with – a […]

TOPSEOs Continues Deceptive Practices

TOPSEOs was built on deception, article scraping, and bait-and-switch practices.  The industry cried foul, Jeev Trika blew it off as motivated by ulterior motives, I called him out, and 3 days later they issued an official apology, vowing to change.  Fast foward a full month, and they continue their ways, laughing in the face of […]

SEO Industry InfoGraphic

Given how often I write book-length articles, I figured this time I’d give a shot at creating my first InfoGraphic, and what better subject than our own industry, right?  So here, without further diatribes, I present to you, my SEO Industry InfoGraphic….