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TOPSEOs Apologizes – Legit or more Deceptive Business?

There’s been a flurry of renewed activity in the past few days regarding the fact that TOPSEOs has been caught using deceptive business practices in their operation.  Apparently someone at TOPSEOs, perhaps Jeev Trika himself, finally felt that enough pressure was being applied, because yesterday morning (April 28th), a press release was posted through […]

TOPSEOs Deceptive Practices – An Interview with Jeev Trika

UPDATE 4/29/2010 – TOPSEOS issues Apology – But Is It Enough? _________________________________________________ The TOPSEOs discussion (mostly industry leaders and participants calling for TOPSEOs to stop their deceptive marketing practices) has been raging for a while now. Not long after this all started, I attempted to contact Jeev Trika, one of the owners of the company.  […]

Eight Emotional Stages of an SEO Contract

I just spent four days at what essentially can best be described as a gathering of like-minded people seeking emotional, psychological and spiritual growth.  Over six thousand of us (early estimates put the number closer to 7,500 but the final tally is less important) gathered for four days of meetings, workshops, fellowship and fun.  And […]

Google Home Page On Crack – The Bigger Picture

The Google Home Page is getting extremely crowded lately. First, they squeezed the sidebar AdWords listings closer to the organic results. Then they added “microformat”, Images in the sidebar product ads, “Google Checkout” buttons, snippets, and “Shopping results” WITH images, right in the organic results. Then came breadcrumbs, and what people are starting to report – THREE entries in the organics for some top listings. The result is serious implications for the visitor experience, and the job of SEO…

Six Rules for Custom eCommerce SEO

Often we as SEO professionals need to work with developers who create eCommerce web sites using their own proprietary solutions rather than an off-the-shelf product. When this happens, it’s up to us to work with the developers to ensure that proper SEO functionality is implemented. When I am working with a developer for the first time, I use the following rules and techniques as my ideal. Every aspect of these rules that can be applied, or adapted as necessary based on technical or budgetary limitations, adds one more SEO element to the online catalog system.

SEO Sometimes Takes Bloody Determination

With enough time, leverage and client budgetary willingness, if you apply best of breed SEO techniques, you can achieve your SEO goals. In spite of the bloody knees you get along the way…

Bing Search Engine Initial Review

The new Bing Search Engine (Decision Engine?) launched tonight in “preview” mode, and I’ve done an initial test to see how well it does at general search, since that’s the focus of my primary business. While Microsoft’s saying it’s not going to supplant Google in the search market, we can expect that since they’re pouring $100 million into an advertising blitz, and that most people already assume it’s a search engine. So for now at least, that’s how I’m approaching my assessment. And so far, I’ve already found something that should cause Google to sit up and pay attention…

4 Key WordPress SEO Tips – Setup Optimization

WordPress Optimizaiton begins with Functionality Setup Some people may just rely on the native WordPress functionality.  Personally, I want to always squeeze every ounce of optimization out of my blog and the blogs of my clients as possible.  Here’s my boiled down list of the top SEO tips for WordPress administrative functionality to help you […]

Five Link Building Strategies For SEO

Most search engine optimization and Internet marketing people will tell you that building links back to your site from other sites is now one of, if not THE most important thing you can do for your site’s organic listing success. Personally, I feel that a site that itself is not properly optimized using best practices rules is not really going to serve your needs in the long run, and I consistently get great results for my clients in the organic listings with little or no back-links when I am brought in.

Yet in the long run, and in highly competitive fields, back-links are very important. If two sites are optimized identically within each site, the one that has the most high quality back-links will show up higher in the search engine results pages…

8 Steps to optimize your blog for SEO

Blogging is all the rage – and it’s become a great way for business owners to help promote products or services beyond a standard otherwise static web site. But what good is a blog if nobody finds it? Search engine optimization for blogs requires proper planning. Here are eight key steps to help you optimize your blog for SEO.