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Exclusive Insights – Bruce Clay talks TopSEOs

I was going to write this article right after SMX Advanced, but instead of settling, the dust has actually kicked up big time but since this is a holiday weekend, I figured it’s time to write up the one on one conversation I had with Bruce Clay regarding TopSEOS, while up at Advanced… __________________________________ In […]

TOPSEOs Continues Deceptive Practices

TOPSEOs was built on deception, article scraping, and bait-and-switch practices.  The industry cried foul, Jeev Trika blew it off as motivated by ulterior motives, I called him out, and 3 days later they issued an official apology, vowing to change.  Fast foward a full month, and they continue their ways, laughing in the face of […]

TOPSEOs Apologizes – Legit or more Deceptive Business?

There’s been a flurry of renewed activity in the past few days regarding the fact that TOPSEOs has been caught using deceptive business practices in their operation.  Apparently someone at TOPSEOs, perhaps Jeev Trika himself, finally felt that enough pressure was being applied, because yesterday morning (April 28th), a press release was posted through […]

TOPSEOs Deceptive Practices – An Interview with Jeev Trika

UPDATE 4/29/2010 – TOPSEOS issues Apology – But Is It Enough? _________________________________________________ The TOPSEOs discussion (mostly industry leaders and participants calling for TOPSEOs to stop their deceptive marketing practices) has been raging for a while now. Not long after this all started, I attempted to contact Jeev Trika, one of the owners of the company.  […]

One More Complaint Against TOPSEOs – Are they a shakedown operation or legitimate service?

UPDATE 4/29/2010 – TOPSEOS issues Apology – But Is It Enough? _________________________________________________ This week’s buzz in the SEO community is all about complaints against TOPSEOs (and questions for Jeev Trika, one of their owners) – a company that sells rankings and awards within the SEO industry.  While they bill their rankings as a “competition”, people […]

Deceptive SEO Tactics – The Case of the $798 SEO Guru

It’s been 11 days since I wrote my article on Deceptive SEO tactics and how to uncover them (The Deceptive Case of the Coolest Guy On The Internet). Since then I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback (YAY ME!) and one “Watch your back now” warning comment. Now THAT’s an interesting result! (See below for details). So of course I had to go snooping to find out if I should hide under the covers, and found more deceptive SEO…

Deceptive SEO Tactics – The Coolest Guy On The Internet

If you get pitched by anyone who tells you they’re going to show you the secret way to build your business, or drive traffic to your web site, or that all you need to get onto the first page of Google is through links, run for the hills as fast as you can. But how do you know if something is a deceptive SEO tactic or scam? Here’s one way that works for me…

Beware Link Clicking Schemes & Guaranteed Visitors offers

if all you want is to get people to show up at your web site for 15 seconds then leave, then I suppose you can if you want to. but obviously if you want people who are going to come to your site to buy your products or hire you for your services or read your blog or participate in your social network in an interactive and return-visit way, then the offer is most definitely in my opinion, deceptive and manipulative.