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Industry Consensus – Why I Encourage you To Take the SEOMoz Survey

Every two years something special happens in our industry.  Thousands upon thousands of people voluntarily take upwards of 20 minutes or more of their day to pause from what they’re doing to offer their opinion, their experience, and their beliefs about the state of search marketing and how they go about their work.  The resulting […]

Competitive Insight, Girl Scouts and Hells Angels

If one of those “panel based” web statistic providers (think Alexa, comScore, Nielsen) tries to sell you their products, or worse, someone insists on making a business decision based on statistics from one of those “We really don’t have access to real statistics, but we have access to web servers so TRUST US” companies (think, run for the hills…

Why Google Analytics is flawed

GOOGLE ANALYTICS – FLAWED AND MISLEADING? As the resident SEO and SEM expert at WebSight Design, Inc., I am responsible for managing the search engine optimization efforts for all of our over 600 web sites. At WSD, our clients range from the smallest sole proprietors to Carlos Santana, Sammy Hagar, and the band Tool. The […]