Google Plus 1 – Social Sentiment as an SEO Factor

Wow.  Just Wow. SEOMoz recently conducted their latest “ranking factor” survey and I had the pleasure to participate – can’t wait to see the results.  But one of the concepts in the survey asked whether social sentiment would be a factor in search results in 2011, and if so, how much.  And I need to […]

A Twitizen of High Quality, Who Should I Follow?

As a Community Manager, an expert in all things social, what do you look for in people you choose to follow on Twitter? What qualities constitute a Twitizen of high quality worthy of taking up time and space in your personal Twitterverse? Is a person with a huge following truly an influencer? Granted, most people […]

The SEO Industry needs to grow a pair

The buzz continues to swirl throughout the search industry since the JCPenney nonsense, and on the heels of that maelstrom, the Forbes penalty for selling links, and then most recently, Overstock was nailed. This week Lisa Barone added her take on the topic – approaching it by providing tips for finding a legitimate SEO.   […]

Does Money Motivate: The Copywriting Edition

Recently, Ben Cook tweeted a link to an interesting infographic for employers. It posed the big question: Does money motivate? Of course, I scream ‘hell no’ to myself.  Well, when you look at the infographic, it says money does motivate a certain percentage, but it also says achievement, the development of expertise, affiliation, security/stability, and […]

JCPenney Responds to NYT and Google

After I wrote my own article this weekend chiming in on the JCPenney paid links fiasco, and I got a flood of comments on the matter, I wrote an email to Darcie Brossart, VP, Corporate Communications at JCPenney inviting her to read my article.  Ms. Brossart was the spokesperson quoted in that original NYT article.  […]

JC Penney has a bigger problem than paid links

UPDATE 2/14/2011 Yesterday I wrote an email to Darcie Brossart, the official spokesperson who was referred to in the original NYT article on the JCPenney link fiasco, inviting her to read my article.  She sent me an email this morning in response, with a bit of insight into the JCP SEO currently in place as […]

Black Magic SEO

Yes, I titled this post “Black Magic SEO”, not “Black Hat SEO”.  Because even black hat SEO shouldn’t be sullied by the likes of “techniques” and “methods” that I for one hope to one day see be completely eradicated from the face of the SEO community. I’m talking about ways people come up with that […]

Win an iPad Win a Kindle: The great Internet Marketing Giveaway of 2011

UPDATE April 16th, 2011 The contest is now officially closed! Stay tuned for an announcement about who won.  Thank you all for making it a huge success! _________________________________________________________________ Are you envious of all the people who win prizes yet you never do?  Would you like to own an iPad or an Amazon Kindle?  Do you […]

“Learning” On The Job – SEO Ninja Training

SEO is like Karate. It’s a martial art. Serious SEO ninjas never stop training. No matter what stage of experience you are in SEO – white belt, brown belt, black belt or Sensei, you’d better be reading, researching, testing, and “learning on the job” regularly!

2011 Social Media Resolutions

A shiny brand new year is upon us once again.  Time to make plans, set goals, resolve to be better than we were the year before.  Right?  Who wouldn’t want to be a slimmer, fitter, vice-free self? Who am I kidding, put down the hand weights, grab a Twinkie, and let’s talk about spending more […]