Search Marketing Wisdom Goes Neutral

This is just one amazing, magical and blessed week for Search Marketing Wisdom.  First, I invited @SocialMichelleR to be a guest writer, the first time I’ve invited ANYONE to contribute.  The next thing I know, I was moved to open that invite up to a few select people, marking  an epic change here. Each was […]

Epic Change – The New Search Marketing Wisdom

What would the search industry be without evolutionary progress?  It would be a shadow of its current self, that’s for sure!  And with that in mind, I’m excited to announce evolutionary progress for Search Marketing Wisdom!  A true sea-change in focus and purpose. So Why Change A Good Thing? As proud as I am of […]

I bow my head in memory of Jaamit

Today a funeral is being held for someone I never met in person.  Someone who lived half way around the world.  And yet, while we never met in person, I mourn his passing.  As surely as though we had. Jaamit Durrani, by all accounts from people who truly were his friends, lived a life with […]

Microformat Reference Guide for SEO and Developers

With the latest radical change to Google’s listings, which has made some people very unhappy and convinces others that Google cares about Local, Google pushes Place Pages to a higher level of importance. As far as I’m concerned, first and foremost, it’s their way of forcing more companies to get Place pages, so that millions […]

Blueglass Florida 2AM Pizza – Plus Save 15 Percent

I can’t wait to get to #BlueglassFl  – the Blueglass, Inc. conference coming up the 1st week of November, and taking place at the Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida…  I say that not just because I’m going to be speaking there, or the fact that Hollywood Florida is really just a rock toss away from […]

The New Twitter – A Quick Review

So ten days ago, the new Twitter web interface was announced in a big ta-da conference and it was live-streamed by Robert Scoble, which meant that 4,000 of us got to watch along, so hats of to Robert for that effort.  Unfortunately, this is a timed roll-out.  That day only a handful of people got […]

24 Tips on Hiring an Apprentice

I’ve been managing people for 30 years and over that time, have come to learn a lot about how to make it work.  Because there’s a right way and a wrong way.  And believe me, you don’t want to do it the wrong way…. So when James Zolman recently tweeted “I need an apprentice” then […]

My SES SF Conference LiveTweeting and Liveblogging Coverage Day 1

Okay so by now, you may have learned that I really enjoy liveblogging. It all started at SMX Advanced, where Susan Esparza from Bruce Clay Inc. corralled a few of us into pitching in when Virginia Nussey couldn’t make it. And when I saw Lisa Barone from Outspoken Media tweet that she too couldn’t attend […]

Conversion Optimization is the new Black

Early on in my SEO life, I would focus exclusively on optimizing client sites with high rankings in the SERPs as the singular goal.  From there, I slowly began getting more involved in caring more about the user experience.  Both to strengthen SEO and because it also benefits the site visitor and the site owner. […]

The New Bloggers Phony Blog Comment Overview

Blog comments can be a blessing or they can be a curse.  When I first started my blog two years ago, I was excited to just get one comment.  From anyone.  Then as time went by, and I started getting comments for most of my posts, I was in heaven.  I’ve got Akismet set up […]