Eight Emotional Stages of an SEO Contract

I just spent four days at what essentially can best be described as a gathering of like-minded people seeking emotional, psychological and spiritual growth.  Over six thousand of us (early estimates put the number closer to 7,500 but the final tally is less important) gathered for four days of meetings, workshops, fellowship and fun.  And […]

One More Complaint Against TOPSEOs – Are they a shakedown operation or legitimate service?

UPDATE 4/29/2010 – TOPSEOS issues Apology – But Is It Enough? _________________________________________________ This week’s buzz in the SEO community is all about complaints against TOPSEOs (and questions for Jeev Trika, one of their owners) – a company that sells rankings and awards within the SEO industry.  While they bill their rankings as a “competition”, people […]

Great Twitter Background How-To

I am not a graphic designer by trade, though once in a while I’ll pretend I am for my own sites.  Usually it involves hours upon hours of research, dozens of trial and error attempts in Photoshop, and quite often completely scrapping what I thought initially was spot on. This past fall I worked on […]

Google AdWords Contact Forms – A Bad Idea

I caught a tweet this morning from @ClicksIM’s Jami Broom where she stated “Adwords is trying out contact forms as an extension of an ad – pretty cool, I think.”  The link was to a news brief over at SearchEngineLand.com, which provided a short overview of a more detailed review can be found over at […]

The Power Of Twitter Friends – Links All Around

Here it is, just a few days after I posted my tribute article to friends on Twitter.  And I’m still getting compliments, words of appreciation and praise.  When all I did was express my own gratitude.  The response was so big to that article that it actually took on a little life of its own.  […]

A Tribute To My Twitter Friends

I can’t even begin to count how many twits twats people I would need to blame sue have arrested give credit to for this past year from hell of torture of unbelievable bullshit pain fun. My last article, in memorializing grieving commemorating the 10,000 tweet tragedy travesty milestone, only directly acknowledged a few of the […]

Ten Thousand Tweets – Worth The Effort?

It’s been said that it takes 10,000 hours of applied focus for someone to truly be considered an expert on a given topic.  Now, I’ve not spent 10,000 hours tweeting, though today I reached the epic 10,000th tweet.  And while I don’t necessarily think I’m an expert at Twitter, either as a social media marketing […]

Google Home Page On Crack – The Bigger Picture

The Google Home Page is getting extremely crowded lately. First, they squeezed the sidebar AdWords listings closer to the organic results. Then they added “microformat”, Images in the sidebar product ads, “Google Checkout” buttons, snippets, and “Shopping results” WITH images, right in the organic results. Then came breadcrumbs, and what people are starting to report – THREE entries in the organics for some top listings. The result is serious implications for the visitor experience, and the job of SEO…

Six Rules for Custom eCommerce SEO

Often we as SEO professionals need to work with developers who create eCommerce web sites using their own proprietary solutions rather than an off-the-shelf product. When this happens, it’s up to us to work with the developers to ensure that proper SEO functionality is implemented. When I am working with a developer for the first time, I use the following rules and techniques as my ideal. Every aspect of these rules that can be applied, or adapted as necessary based on technical or budgetary limitations, adds one more SEO element to the online catalog system.

SEO Sometimes Takes Bloody Determination

With enough time, leverage and client budgetary willingness, if you apply best of breed SEO techniques, you can achieve your SEO goals. In spite of the bloody knees you get along the way…