Social Networking For Business

Social networking sites such as FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter offer great opportunities to connect with other like-minded people. Then there’s blogs, discussion forums… Not all such sites and solutions are equal when it comes to business or community related connections. And there’s best practices that needs to be applied to be successful at it.

Google Content Network – Opinion Update

I previously wrote a blog post on my opinion of the Google AdWords Content network. In that post last July, I made an unequivocal statement position that anyone managing a Google AdWords account should avoid the content network at all costs. At the time, my experience managing client accounts with budgets upwards of a few hundred thousand dollars a year, showed that it was a waste of valuable client money…

Google AdWords Ad group phrase to landing page matching

For most clients, the average cost per click ranges from $2 up to about $6. For others in more competitive fields, that cost can climb to $20, $50 or even as much as $90 for a single click. So one of our primary responsibilities is to do all we can to manage the AdWords account in a way that ensures the highest position possible with the lowest cost per click…

Five Link Building Strategies For SEO

Most search engine optimization and Internet marketing people will tell you that building links back to your site from other sites is now one of, if not THE most important thing you can do for your site’s organic listing success. Personally, I feel that a site that itself is not properly optimized using best practices rules is not really going to serve your needs in the long run, and I consistently get great results for my clients in the organic listings with little or no back-links when I am brought in.

Yet in the long run, and in highly competitive fields, back-links are very important. If two sites are optimized identically within each site, the one that has the most high quality back-links will show up higher in the search engine results pages…

Google AdWords Best Practices – Avoid The Content Network

Google is a great place to allocate a portion of your online advertising budget. They’re the #1 search engine, and they do a great job at helping site owners get exposure to people who would otherwise never learn about a site. Paid listings (Google AdWords) can help bring you high quality new business prospects. But let’s be real – Google is in the business of making money, and if you’re not using AdWords best practices, you could very well be throwing good money out the window…

8 key points to success with email mailing lists and lead generation campaigns

So you want to start a mailing list – or you have one already but you’ve just been guessing as to what works best. Here’s eight key points to successful use of email mailing lists and lead generation through email campaigns

8 Steps to optimize your blog for SEO

Blogging is all the rage – and it’s become a great way for business owners to help promote products or services beyond a standard otherwise static web site. But what good is a blog if nobody finds it? Search engine optimization for blogs requires proper planning. Here are eight key steps to help you optimize your blog for SEO.

Adobe Flash and SEO – the latest marketing hype – don’t be fooled

So Adobe and Google have announced that Google is now crawling and Indexing Flash content.  You can read Vanessa Fox‘s write up with details here at search engine land.  This is yet the latest attempt by Adobe to snow-job designers and developers.  Ever since they first claimed to add “SEO friendly” capabilities several versions ago, […]

8 Key Points To Proper Site Design for SEO

If you are considering a redesign to an existing web site or creating a brand new site for the first time, there are some fundamental rules to every web site’s design and development strategy that need to be considered if you are to obtain maximum Search Engine Optimization value. Proper planning – The more SEO is incorporated into the design, content and architecture of a site, the less effort needed in working to get search engine placement value after a site is created.

Get indexed in Google in under one week

My brand new site, “Hey Dude Where’s My Site”, went online this past Thursday. I didn’t submit it to Google until tonight, when I posted a sitemap.xml file for it using the Google Webmaster tools. Within a half hour, not only were the first couple pages showing up for, but it’s already coming up on the first page of Google for my geo-location based terms.