Featured Guest on Business Radio

Of course, I came up with more than a dozen SEO questions the Nance might choose from, in addition to any she might have already had, and that was just scratching the surface. hahaha. Oh well – we focused on enough of them to not only fill that initial 20 minutes, but the segment of the show I was on actually went into an additional session. So with commercials, the entire piece ran just under 45 minutes.

Being quoted in an upcoming eBook on online marketing

It only makes sense that I would want to have my views, which I happen (oddly enough) to consider helpful to small business owners, shared in any way possible. The more people I might help, the more joy I receive. And surely it can’t hurt to have a reference about my business knowledge circulating out in the world – can it? After all, isn’t that part of PR? And doing it through an online path is therefore online marketing also.

Bulk Email Marketing Tips – The most cost effective Mass Mailing Solutions

Sending out email to thousands, tens or even hundreds of thousands of recipients can be a very effective way to get new business, keep existing clients thinking about you, and bringing repeat business back. Before you can even consider what your mailing should say or look like, what offer(s) you want to make to recipients, […]

Beware Link Clicking Schemes & Guaranteed Visitors offers

if all you want is to get people to show up at your web site for 15 seconds then leave, then I suppose you can if you want to. but obviously if you want people who are going to come to your site to buy your products or hire you for your services or read your blog or participate in your social network in an interactive and return-visit way, then the offer is most definitely in my opinion, deceptive and manipulative.

Pay Per Click Advertising – is it worth the cost?

Do you want to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in revenue? How much would you spend to pay for a single display ad in a newspaper for just one day? Or for an ad in a magazine that may or may not be seen by some fraction of your prospective market? A lot more over time than it costs to use PPC if you use it wisely.

The trouble with owning multiple domain names and pointing them at the same content

In the early days of the web it was a good policy to hold multiple domain names for one web site for copyright, or domain branding purposes, that’s no longer the case – multiple domain names pointing to the same content is now a negative because it causes perceived duplicate content. Google determines content and […]

Get Listed Faster at Google and Yahoo – Sitemap.xml Files

For those of you who don’t know what these are, they are NOT the “old school” Site Maps – a page on your web site that lists links to all the other pages on the site in one place. Instead, a sitemap.xml file is a plain text file that sits next to your site’s viewable pages on the web server, but it’s only seen and used by the search engines. It tells the search engines what pages on your site you want indexed, and it lets them know their order of importance as well as the general frequency by which to re-index those pages.

Building links back to your web site through Press Releases for search engine optimization value

One of the more challenging aspects of building your web site’s search engine ranking is the process of obtaining enough links back to your site that Google and the other top search engines deem valuable. Quality vs. Quantity The more high quality links back to your site from other sites, the more your site is […]


At WebSight Design, Inc., we manage the search engine optimization and search marketing initiatives for many clients, big and small. Quite often we inherit web sites built by someone else, and most of the time when that happens, I almost cringe at the keywords and page titles used. Too often someone didn’t understand the importance […]

Upside down mentality – why giving your site a fresh look can do more harm than good.

Having a web site redesigned from time to time can be a good thing.  Maybe your visitors will see a fresh look and think they should spend more time on the site.  Maybe you’ve come up with a way to better organize the flow of information, or make the site experience more intuitive to use. […]