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2011 Social Media Resolutions

A shiny brand new year is upon us once again.  Time to make plans, set goals, resolve to be better than we were the year before.  Right?  Who wouldn’t want to be a slimmer, fitter, vice-free self? Who am I kidding, put down the hand weights, grab a Twinkie, and let’s talk about spending more […]

Why Newspapers Need To Fail

Rather than having the courage, willingness and fortitude to adapt and change with the times, the newspaper industry is instead, taking a much more old-boys club approach to finding ways to get back into financially flourishing. The latest cry is that we should allow them to violate U.S. antitrust laws… It’s sickening, deplorable, and though they claim that their failure would be threat to democracy, the TRUTH is that allowing them THEIR way would be the real threat to democracy…