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TOPSEOs Continues Deceptive Practices

TOPSEOs was built on deception, article scraping, and bait-and-switch practices.  The industry cried foul, Jeev Trika blew it off as motivated by ulterior motives, I called him out, and 3 days later they issued an official apology, vowing to change.  Fast foward a full month, and they continue their ways, laughing in the face of […]

Deceptive SEO Tactics – The Case of the $798 SEO Guru

It’s been 11 days since I wrote my article on Deceptive SEO tactics and how to uncover them (The Deceptive Case of the Coolest Guy On The Internet). Since then I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback (YAY ME!) and one “Watch your back now” warning comment. Now THAT’s an interesting result! (See below for details). So of course I had to go snooping to find out if I should hide under the covers, and found more deceptive SEO…