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Does Money Motivate: The Copywriting Edition

Recently, Ben Cook tweeted a link to an interesting infographic for employers. It posed the big question: Does money motivate? Of course, I scream ‘hell no’ to myself.  Well, when you look at the infographic, it says money does motivate a certain percentage, but it also says achievement, the development of expertise, affiliation, security/stability, and […]

The Best Top Ten Twitter Tips

So everyone’s all gaga over Twitter. And a thousand “Top Twitter Tip” blog posts. Yet with so many other things needing my attention on any given day, I quickly realized there has to be a better way to use Twitter than the default system and there were some really good tips already out there, yet just as many more that didn’t apply to me, someone who is both hoping to find new business opportunities on Twitter and also be able to educate my own clients on social networking. So I’ve come up with a list that fits that need…