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“Learning” On The Job – SEO Ninja Training

SEO is like Karate. It’s a martial art. Serious SEO ninjas never stop training. No matter what stage of experience you are in SEO – white belt, brown belt, black belt or Sensei, you’d better be reading, researching, testing, and “learning on the job” regularly!

Google Home Page On Crack – The Bigger Picture

The Google Home Page is getting extremely crowded lately. First, they squeezed the sidebar AdWords listings closer to the organic results. Then they added “microformat”, Images in the sidebar product ads, “Google Checkout” buttons, snippets, and “Shopping results” WITH images, right in the organic results. Then came breadcrumbs, and what people are starting to report – THREE entries in the organics for some top listings. The result is serious implications for the visitor experience, and the job of SEO…

SEO Sometimes Takes Bloody Determination

With enough time, leverage and client budgetary willingness, if you apply best of breed SEO techniques, you can achieve your SEO goals. In spite of the bloody knees you get along the way…