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One Line Wisdom from the Best Little Show in Social

Recently I made the trek to the Great White North to attend and share my thoughts at MediaBistro’s Socialize Conference in Toronto, Ontario.  If you have ever wanted to soak up some serious social media wisdom from the best minds in the business but find the huge conferences a little off-putting, then Socialize may be […]

A Twitizen of High Quality, Who Should I Follow?

As a Community Manager, an expert in all things social, what do you look for in people you choose to follow on Twitter? What qualities constitute a Twitizen of high quality worthy of taking up time and space in your personal Twitterverse? Is a person with a huge following truly an influencer? Granted, most people […]

2011 Social Media Resolutions

A shiny brand new year is upon us once again.  Time to make plans, set goals, resolve to be better than we were the year before.  Right?  Who wouldn’t want to be a slimmer, fitter, vice-free self? Who am I kidding, put down the hand weights, grab a Twinkie, and let’s talk about spending more […]

The New Twitter – A Quick Review

So ten days ago, the new Twitter web interface was announced in a big ta-da conference and it was live-streamed by Robert Scoble, which meant that 4,000 of us got to watch along, so hats of to Robert for that effort.  Unfortunately, this is a timed roll-out.  That day only a handful of people got […]

Great Twitter Background How-To

I am not a graphic designer by trade, though once in a while I’ll pretend I am for my own sites.  Usually it involves hours upon hours of research, dozens of trial and error attempts in Photoshop, and quite often completely scrapping what I thought initially was spot on. This past fall I worked on […]

The Power Of Twitter Friends – Links All Around

Here it is, just a few days after I posted my tribute article to friends on Twitter.  And I’m still getting compliments, words of appreciation and praise.  When all I did was express my own gratitude.  The response was so big to that article that it actually took on a little life of its own.  […]

A Tribute To My Twitter Friends

I can’t even begin to count how many twits twats people I would need to blame sue have arrested give credit to for this past year from hell of torture of unbelievable bullshit pain fun. My last article, in memorializing grieving commemorating the 10,000 tweet tragedy travesty milestone, only directly acknowledged a few of the […]

Ten Thousand Tweets – Worth The Effort?

It’s been said that it takes 10,000 hours of applied focus for someone to truly be considered an expert on a given topic.  Now, I’ve not spent 10,000 hours tweeting, though today I reached the epic 10,000th tweet.  And while I don’t necessarily think I’m an expert at Twitter, either as a social media marketing […]

The Best Top Ten Twitter Tips

So everyone’s all gaga over Twitter. And a thousand “Top Twitter Tip” blog posts. Yet with so many other things needing my attention on any given day, I quickly realized there has to be a better way to use Twitter than the default system and there were some really good tips already out there, yet just as many more that didn’t apply to me, someone who is both hoping to find new business opportunities on Twitter and also be able to educate my own clients on social networking. So I’ve come up with a list that fits that need…

Social Networking For Business

Social networking sites such as FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter offer great opportunities to connect with other like-minded people. Then there’s blogs, discussion forums… Not all such sites and solutions are equal when it comes to business or community related connections. And there’s best practices that needs to be applied to be successful at it.